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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

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Lazy Sunday Links

August 23, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Trends

Keeley Houghton Bully sentenced to 3-months for bullying someone on Facebook. Keeley Hazell definitely looks better.

The I-can’t-stop-dissing-Mozilla-Firefox rant. Could someone do the same or Firefox’s continually sucky memory management?

Apparently the advantage of Windows 7 over Snow Leopard is the “A complete absence of Justin Long“. Amen!

Mark September 6 on your calendars, as that’s when AT&T will start requiring data plans for smartphones this September 6. Hooray! [/sarcasm]

Google’s worst ads ever: proving that terrorism can be academic.

Looks like you’ll need at least $5000 to protect your kick ass invention with a patent. Time to start saving!

The base salary of Larry Ellison is now $1. Hardly the end of the world for Oracle’s CEO, considering his previous base of $1M represented only 1.2% of his income for fiscal year 2009.

“…already apologists have begun to excuse the Google Voice decision as fallout from Jobs’ well-intentioned obsession with control. But Jobs, like his competitors, must be judged on actions, rather than intentions. And this one is pretty disgraceful.” Amen.

Seems Nokia’s considering the netbook business. If that plan pushes through, maybe Symbian will go through a badly-needed update?

26 Ridiculously Awesome CG Portraits. What the link said.

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