Lost contacts after Nokia N95 firmware upgrade

December 4, 2007 by colbert low  
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I decided to upgrade my New Nokia N95 to the new 20.0.015 firmware upgrade process yesterday Monday. What a mess it made. I forgot to save the contacts and now all the SMS are gone! The default Nokia syncing software (Nokia PC Suite) does not save contacts and SMS at the Backup option. So you have to choose Contacts to save it.

In case you are wondering what screenshots will come out, here’s the whole deal below:

1. Plug your Nokia to the USB cable connected to your PC or laptop. Make sure the phone is fully charged, if not it will die and become an expensive paper weight. Run the Nokia Software Updater and it will check the current and updated firmware version.

Nokia N95

2. Download the 116.2MB firmware file and go for a job or watch tv. This will take some time. The whole download took about 45 mins on my laptop.

Nokia N95

3. Once the download completes, the update process begins. This takes about 10 mins.

Nokia N95

4.Once your Nokia update finishes, your PC or laptop will detect some new hardware and install a few new files.

Nokia N95

5. One of the new files that is installed on the PC or laptop is the Nokia BB5 ADL Loader USB Generic. It looks unsigned but I installed it and the AVG antivirus did not detect any anomalies.

Nokia N95

6. Voila ! - My Nokia N95 gets the new 20.0.015 firmware. Camera shots are faster (the show the word Processing Image), and the Lifeblog app is now dumped into th Applications/Media folder. Weird.

Nokia N95

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9 Responses to “Lost contacts after Nokia N95 firmware upgrade”
  1. Sean says:

    I didn’t lose any contacts. I read the instructions BEFORE I did the update ! :-)

  2. Steve Delves says:

    I read the instructions too and didn´t lose contacts. However, the phone now functions very slowly, freezes frequently and occasionally restarts itself without warning. Having googled the problem it would appear I am not alone. 12/2008.

  3. amir says:

    I was loosing my contacts all the time until i found out I don’t use contact

  4. matt says:

    i lost my menu shortcut wen i silde it to the music buttons..and also on video center it wont play videos from my mem card..any 1 esle have this problem?

  5. tai says:

    i lost everything :(

  6. bruce says:

    i lost all i think the idiot that works for nokia that came up with this should be sent back to school because of that i will not be using nokia anymore and any1 in my company big company cant put an easy way forpeopple to use we r not all computer geeksu caused me a lot of money and grief u bastards

  7. Jake says:

    I lost all of my contacts, messages and calendar events after updating to firmware… and I DID SELECT EVERYTHING TO BACKUP prior! But when I went to restore from backup, I could only select User files from Phone and Memory card. By default the Nokia Suite backup selects contacts, calendar events, messages etc but I had to manually select User files from memory card. NOT HAPPY. Thanks Nokia!!!

  8. Parker says:

    After putting up with my phone screwing up for over a month I decided to upgrade the firmware. I backed up everything using nokia suite.
    I went to reinstall my messages, contacts and calendar events. Followed everything to the letter.

    Lost the lot. Don’t trust nokia suite.
    I wont be buying another nokia product.

  9. Moh'd hamad says:

    i did backup everything then update i lost the everything,
    don’t trust nokia pc suite unless hand wright contct keep it away from pc suite it may deleted too!!!

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