Friday, October 9th, 2009

Mc Square Boosts Brain Concentration

Want to boost your brain cells and IQ ? Get MC Square, the brainwave management device brand to make your brains grower bigger. The modern females love men with brains not brawn.

At the moment, South Korea is the only country that has a mature market for light and sound machines.

Since 1992, Daeyang Education and Communication (E&C) has sold a total of 1.1 million units of its MC Square light and sound machines.

Daeyang is the first and only vendor that has succeeded in developing a viable brainwave management device brand.

“MC Square sales in China are growing at a rate five times faster than the rate witnessed in Korea. We have set up a sales subsidiary in Shanghai to capitalize on the rapid growth of Chinese customers’ purchasing power,’’ she added.

Daeyang also manufactures a prenatal care instrument called Baby IQ and high-end goggle-like wearable next-generation I-Visor personal displays _ or head mounted display (HMD) and face mounted display (FMD) _ that can be used for medical, educational and entertainment purposes.

Mc Square Boosts Brain Concentration source

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11 Responses to “Mc Square Boosts Brain Concentration”
  1. Vanilla says:

    I just would like to know, where could I get one of these Mc square? My Korean friend had one and I was able to use it. It was really enjoying and I felt Like i would do so much. Please tell me

    • Darren Yong (subscribed) says:

      Yes, its origin is from Korea. It has been release in Hong Kong and now already penetrated to malaysia market. Soon it will be in singapore. If you really want to get it you can drop me a mail. Hope you can benefit from this cool gadget. As i’m going to buy one for myself too!

  2. Denny Lee says:

    um i heard that u could put music in the mc square…can someone tell me how?

    • Darren Yong (subscribed) says:

      I’m not sure whether MP3 can be uploaded inside. As i haven’t got mine yet. I will study the instruction manual and let you know again. It has 6 programs, which can expose you to 6 different situations. Mainly letting you to relax urself and it can also boost your concentration before going about sth where concentration is needed. It can speed up your language learning ability too~

  3. Luke says:

    How about the price?? How much?

  4. nabila (subscribed) says:

    hype!! If you are a malaysian who would like to own and feel the powerfull gadget of mc square, you can email me at

  5. winni says:

    i hav de 2nd-generation of mc square, n im usin it now..
    who wan to buy mc square can e-mail me
    myhotmail is

  6. winni says:

    i hav de 2nd-generation of mc square, n im usin it now..
    it reali fanstatic tat u cnt imagine after use it…
    im more concentrate than b4 n can finish my study in short peroid.
    who wan to buy new mc square can e-mail me
    myhotmail is

  7. rumi says:

    … its a revolution… technology breakthru… its our brain food.. :) ). get one..

  8. Sunny (subscribed) says:

    I just bought one set of MC-square e-Mind in Hong Kong. It is really wonderful and effective. My kid has improved concentration and memory in school studies. And I enjoy better concentration yet less stress at work.
    Send me an email ( if you want to buy one to benefit yourself and your beloved family members. Each person uses 1.5 hour a day. So it definitely can be share-used, bringing down the effective cost per head.


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