Metaklett: Velcro’s Awesome Steel Counterpart

September 7, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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A team of engineers headed by Josef Mair at the Technical University of Munich, Germany have developed fastening technology called Metaklett. Inspired by the hook-and-loop concept of Velcro, each square meter of Metaklett can support up to 35 tons under temperatures of until 800 degrees centigrade, reports the NewScientist. Like Velcro, Metaklett is reusable, in the sense that two of these 0.2 millimeter thick metal strips can be pulled apart without tools and refastened later on.

TUM Institute of Metal Forming and Casting

TUM Institute of Metal Forming and Casting

Personally, the potential of Metaklett is endless. Velcro itself has numerous applications, mainly multiple attachment-detachment requirements like bag covers or handles, the strap loop of cell phone chargers, etc. But even if Metaklett is capable of supporting up to 7 tons perpendicularly (compared to the 35 ton capacity when the force is applied along the strip’s plane), are industrial and construction companies willing to rely on a super-strong fastener that nevertheless can be undone with a single pull?

In any case, we’re now sure that the killer robots of the future will have clothes to wear, at the least the kind they can easily wear and take off. And those strips seem pretty effective as laceration tools (ouch!).


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2 Responses to “Metaklett: Velcro’s Awesome Steel Counterpart”
  1. Josef Mair says:

    Hey guy,
    from where do you have the information, the team was headed by me? This isn´t right. The head of the team was the REINZ Dichtungs GmbH.
    Please researche your informations more accurately. You can easily look at
    kind regards

    • Rico Mossesgeld says:

      To be honest, I just assumed you headed the team, since you were the spokesperson to the NewScientist. Keep us in the loop regarding future developments please!

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