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Monday, October 26th, 2009

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New Artificial Muscle Tech Means Future Robot Will be Silent Killers

October 22, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Damn you Kwang Kim of the University of Nevada! You’ve given our future robot overlords a distinct advantage, and made it easier for them to quietly take over human society and shape it to their collective will.

And we mean “quietly” literally, for Kim has apparently found a way to create artificial muscles that operate silently, unlike the clumsily noisy hydraulics that drive today’s dormant robotic tech. Kim’s setup also involves the use of gas, but in a way that mimics the biological push-pull opposing motions of real muscles, meaning it doesn’t rely on pistons. By controlling the level of heat that applied to specific parts of the artificial motivator, varied movements are possible. The nifty diagram below explains everything:

Courtesy The New Scientist

Courtesy The New Scientist

Ultimately however, noiseless muscle tech may not find any use. Remember how the Terminator moves quietly when discussed as your average human, and starts becoming noisy once the artificially-grown flesh is stripped off? The advanced biologically-based sound dampening technology at work! Still, Kim’s summary of his applied research gives me the chills:

The system has biological muscle-like properties for humanoid robots that need high power, large limb strokes – and no noise

Before you know it, step one of the global robotic agenda will kick off—with specially designed robot assassins disguised as humans, who will put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame.


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