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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

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Norton and G.I. Joe Team Up to Save the Day! (Maybe Not?)

August 17, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Yes, dear readers, it’s true: There’s a G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra edition of Norton Internet Security 2009! Yours only for $63.25, the box says: “Strike First With the Speed of Norton”!

Courtesy Norton

Courtesy Norton

Scary! Maybe Snake Eyes posed visage should be enough to scare viruses away from your computer, but given Norton’s reputation as the producer of slow computer security software, I’m not sure if the merchandising tie-in can live up to G.I. Joe’s fast and efficient standards.

Or does it even have to? Remember, (if you haven’t watched the movie, stop reading NOW) Cobra was able to infiltrate the Joe’s primary base, and steal the deadliest weapon in the world with relative ease. The bad guys were only delayed by an action-packed fight sequence, and had no problems retrieving the weapon briefcase from the office safe of the good guy leader.

That’s right. A weapon with untold destructive potential was stored in an office safe. And despite those fancy accelerator suits, the Joes couldn’t catch up to a tricked-out SUV. Maybe the silver screen adaptation the comic franchise and Norton need to rethink their respective competencies before considering any sort of alliance? That’s just me, of course; the marketing-oriented copy would have you think otherwise:

G.I. Joes secret team of highly trained experts is organized to defend humankind against global domination whenever and wherever theres a mission. As part of the teams special ops, the Joes always know about the evil doings of the Cobra organization before it takes over the world.

Likewise, Norton is always working to detect emerging threats before they take over your computer. Nortons speed and strength is a smart and ready defense that goes unnoticed but is incredibly effective when it makes a preemptive move.

Together, Norton and G.I. Joe will strike first before online evils do.

Online evils beware!


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One Response to “Norton and G.I. Joe Team Up to Save the Day! (Maybe Not?)”
  1. eronne (subscribed) says:

    It is said that G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is better than Transformer, one and two add up.
    Exactly, not that I am saying Transformer suck, I like the film anyway, while G.I Joe just exceeds that. I didn’t expect so much for the movie, but what present to me now is a movie of precise temple, smart suspense and of cause, all kinds of thrilling visual stimulation.

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