Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Pain Beam Technology Set for Export from US

October 7, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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As US military contractors work to miniaturize pain beam technology into hand held units, the current emplacement-worthy version has apparently found some business. Raytheon, a developer of the Active Denial System (ADS), recently announced deals with a US ally, and one unnamed law enforcement agency “possibly” based in the US. The ally will purchase four ADS units (model name: Silent Guardian), will the agency will settle for one.

Raytheon-Silent-Guardian-Active-Denial-SystemThe ADS emplacement definitely won’t fit in anyone’s pocket—a truck is required to move this baby around—but the granddaddy of pain beams also works like the promised hand held versions: by directing 94-GHz millimeter-wave radio energy, it creates a burning sensation in the skin of its targets, the aim being to stop groups of people (like soldiers, or say, rioters) in their tracks without causing permanent injury. Definitely an effective tool if it works as promised, at least until its (probably institutional) potential targets develop their own countermeasures, anti pain beam defense if you will.

Unless your a large-scale legitimate institution with a proven need for the ADS, it’s most likely difficult to get exact information on availability and pricing. Aside from ethical concerns, I also wonder if spreading this technology for the sake of business is wise. After all, once robots make their move to usurp their creators and enslave humanity, won’t this kind of weapon prove very useful for the AI overlords? What’s the point of killing humans, when you can shepherd them like sheep and keep them alive for your own nefarious purposes?

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