PS3 Marketing Arguments Help Opposing Forces

January 9, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Someone’s head might be rolling over at the PlayStation 3’s manufacturer. Apparently to build more interest in the gaming console (which has fare relatively poorly against the Xbox 360 and Wii), someone sent Joystiq an email declaring that the PS3 provides better value for money, while the Xbox 360 and Wii of course, do not:

The informercial-esque message — titled “Keeping Entertainment Simple” — made our day with colorful accusations, including one that the Xbox 360 “requires … multiple upgrades and additional external devices, putting a burden on the wallet and adds clutter to the entertainment center.” That clutter would be the Wireless Network Adapter, which snaps onto the back of the 360, we suppose. So cluttery!

Judging from the reaction of the staff of Joystiq—a widely read gaming blog—it’s obvious that Sony’s PR blast did more harm than good. In any case, if cash wasn’t a consideration, but you had to choose only one gaming console to use for the next year or so, which one would you choose?

(image from Joystiq)

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2 Responses to “PS3 Marketing Arguments Help Opposing Forces”
  1. GadeTech says:

    I’d stick with my xbox. They’ve got a lot of great games and a very active online community.

    Also, who needs wifi on their gaming console? Drop that from the equation and the xbox/ps3 cost the same, according to Sony’s calculations.

  2. dan says:

    The PS3 has just as active online community as Xbox. WiFi is great because I don’t need to run a long cable to get my PS3 online!

    And as the article said, I can enjoy Blu-rays and I already have a hard drive that I don’t have to add on. And then there’s the free online gaming.

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