Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Researcher: 350GB Approximate Needed to Store Entire Life Experience

September 28, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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According to Gordon Bell, a researcher from Microsoft, the average human’s life requires approximately 350GB worth of data storage. This estimate was made during a Q&A as part of an article featuring his work, which basically involves storing every waking moment for digital posterity.

human-brainPersonally, that seemed like a really low figure to me. “Only” 350GB to encompass the entire sum of our life experiences? Then again, if 3G users only consume around 211MB a month, and the average daily traffic of the internet is “mere” terrabytes (or thousands of gigabyes), then the figure makes sense. The amount of information we share on a daily basis won’t even threaten the capacity needed to “store” 50 individuals.

Maybe that’s because we humans excel at processing the information, locating useful relationships between specific ideas and perspectives, and turning them into more ideas that we can execute to achieve our objectives. Sure, we only need 350GB to store everything our brain will absorb during our lifetimes, and we’ve passed that threshold a couple of years ago: a half-terabyte hard drive is slowly becoming standard on today’s computers, and rarely costs more than $200.

But the technology needed to properly process stored information in the same way your typical human does? I’m betting we’re still a long way from achieving that kind of breakthrough.


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One Response to “Researcher: 350GB Approximate Needed to Store Entire Life Experience”
  1. BrainiacV says:

    Isn’t this from the same company that said we’d never need more than 640K of RAM?

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