Robot Runs in Place Before Charging Towards You at 7 kph

August 12, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Robots, Transportation

The video below is a demo of a robot running at 7 kilometers per hour, constructed and developed by Toyota R&D.

I’ve always wondered why Toyota and Honda have been working on motive robots for the last decade or so. Will future models be more reminiscent of Mechwarrior or Heavy Gear? If so, I want in, even if large humanoid robots are totally impractical for transportation or even combat—coolness outweighs sensibility any time!

Anyways, we are signing over our independence to machines that are slowly becoming more autonomous and capable than us, but at least there are warning signs. Some are more obvious than others, like in the case of the running robot.


Once if starts jogging place, you know it’s about to charge towards you, at a deadly speed of 7kph. That gives you just enough time to solidly shove it on the chest as it nears, and prevent yourself from turning into robot-induced roadkill.

That is, of course, until newer, better, more lethal runners make their debut.

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3 Responses to “Robot Runs in Place Before Charging Towards You at 7 kph”
  1. janiesmiling says:

    i agree with robots making our lives easier.. but machines to kill.. neah. maybe scientist will change their minds.. and make us live in a world without wars..
    or maybe i want to live in such a serene world..


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