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ShieldZone’s Invisible SHIELD Review

August 2, 2006 by admin  
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By John,
Guest Blogger


The InvisibleSHIELD from claims to be the toughest protective shield for all kinds of gadgets. It’s originally used by the military to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear.

First snap off my dull screen protector, its time to get a new one. According to the instruction given, I need to spray the SHIELDspray application solution on both side of the “shield”. Not like the ordinary screen protector, the InvisibleSHIELD have a sticky side which is firmly stuck on your device’s screen or body. The air bubble is easily pushed out with the SHIELDspray and Squeegee, and it dissolves by itself within 12 hours. One thing for sure, I was amazed with its sketch-free protection.

See below for more reviews and photos…

Items that are include in the InvisibleSHIELD package:
- Pre-cut device protective shield. It’s available over 400 types of pre-cut digital devices designs.
- Squeegee. Use to push the air bubble out of the shield.
- SHIELDspray application solution. It is a quick dry solution for ease installation and helps to “dissolve” air bubble.
- Application instructions.

Complete package with pre-cut shield, squeegee, SHIELDspray solution and application instructions.

Spray both sides of InvisibleSHIELD before apply to my Tungsten E

“Squeeze” out the air bubble with squeegee.

Done. All the small bubble are “dissolve” by itself within 12 hours.

Get InvisibleSHIELD from

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43 Responses to “ShieldZone’s Invisible SHIELD Review”
  1. Vladimir says:

    I tried two times to apply the Invisible Shield on my 60 GB iPod and both times the result was terrible. It’ll never look like it shows on their commercials. Yes, it’ll protect, but when you apply it, you can’t position the film equally, and you’ll never get rid of the bubbles of the included ShieldSpray under the shield. I don’t have the ability to make a picture of my iPod, but believe me, it looks ugly, the whole surface is bumpy, plus it’ll make the display hardly visible, because of the light reflection.

  2. john says:

    Dear Vladimir,

    I’m agreeing with you that there is a bit tricky when applying the “shield”. You need to spray more on both sides, especially the sticky one, so that you can adjust it later.

    I get it done on first try. If you stuck half way, spray some solution on the sticky side, peel it off and apply it again. Don’t forget to spray some on the surface too and you should easily push all the bubbles out of your shield with squeegee.


  3. jason says:

    I purchased one of these today, and had it installed for 5$ extra, it looks flawless. I have no complaints whatsoever

  4. Jenny says:

    Hi Where did you get your InvisibleShield installed?

  5. Brian says:

    Hey Jenny,

    There is an installation kiosk at my local mall so perhaps check yours. You can call customer service on their website and they might be able to help you find one. Hope this helps.

  6. Jim says:

    I hate the stuff. I used it on a brand new trax phone. After putting it on the touch pad would stick to the invisible shield on my screen and it ripped it out of the phone,ruining the phone and after contacting the company, they said to bad, that’s not our problem.

  7. Adam MacDonald says:

    If you can get your shield properly installed, it works nicely. If not, you are screwed, and the company does not care to help you. BE WARNED — The 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE starts the moment you pay for it. So if it takes 4 weeks to arrive, and you don’t install it in the next 48 hours, you are out of luck. Too bad. Nobody cares. At least not at

    It is possible to install them correctly, but it is extremely difficult to do it flawlessly, and especially on your first try. I would not recommend this product because of the difficulty of the install (at least a flawless install) and their sketchy guarantee.

    Once it is on, it looks very nice (if installed flawlessly, otherwise it looks like crap) and does its job well. Too bad Zagg doesn’t care about its Invisible Shield customers’ satisfaction. If you must buy this, DO NOT pay full price and try and get a discount. It is not worth the hassle for full price.

  8. Jon says:

    I’m glad I didn’t read these reviews before I bought one for my Garmin 60csx… I too had trouble with the install, but I added a big drop of water to the screen (the gps is water-proof) and then got a good fit the 3rd time… there is a bit of a knack to it, for sure. I have consistently heard that these things are terrible on ipoods, etc, due to the moving parts, the use of a liquid on the sensitve device, etc… I would suggest you go ahead and pay someone if you have the chance! But for my GPS I can’t recommend it enough – the oritional screen is damn sturdy but it’s great to have such great extra protection! I feel free to put it in my pockets all the time, no worries for the keys, etc.. or the clang of gear…
    -my 2 cents

  9. mik says:

    hi everyone!

    i need help with mine. i have just applied the invisible shield on my iPhone 3g but made a couple of mistakes, so i had to do it again a couple of times. i have only done the front side haven’t done the back. and already have run out of the “Shield spray application solution”. i need more for the back, but i can’t be bothered ordering one and waiting for it to come in another week. i want to finish it as soon as possible. what other alternatives if any should i use. I’ve heard people saying it’s just like Windex? a window cleaner? I don’t have a window cleaner!! anything else?

  10. su_jumptd says:

    Would not recommend to flip phones, will stick to your keypad keys and pull them off. Thumbs down for me. Got a very slow refund from

  11. Gabby says:

    I work for Shieldzone in Fashion Place Mall.
    If you run out of Shield Spray, there is enough solution in the bottle to refill it three times with water and shake it.

    I wouldn’t use Windex, but you can also try just a little bit of soap and water.

    I love Shieldzone.
    Ha, Shield it!!!

  12. Hughe Chua says:

    My HTC touch diamond shines no more. This is after the painful effort of getting the invisible shield on for full protection, it’s Ugly, ugly, ugly, looks like phone in glad wrap. The touch of elegance of the HTC diamond is now totally gone :-( .
    The only consolation I got is that I can put my phone in my pocket with keys and coins without too much stress, apart from that….it’s Grrrrrrr. Not even sure if the phone will still look the same if I choose to remove the shield one day. I would not dare attempt it after reading all the reviews. I wish I’d found this site before buying the invisible shield.

  13. Hughe Chua says:

    Ha! Trapped air bubble removed by a gentle cut on it with a scalpel(haven’t attempted with a needle) :-)

    Trapped dust particles stuck forever…too bad. :-(

    I have realised why the invisible shield does not look that good on the HTC touch diamond. It is all because the touch diamond has a shiny black cover and any dust particles (no matter how fine they are ) stands out ever so clearly. I guess for ipod which is white or silvery, the dust does not stand out so much. (silver colour is great for dust proofing)

    Morever, the still ‘adhesive’(this is after two and a half days) edges for a full body shield is great for sticking dust. :-( Not sure if there’s any solution to this.

    So my conclusion for Invisible Shield for HTC Touch Diamond are:
    Good for scratch protection.

    Lousy(terrifying for me) for look.
    Too sticky a surface for the stylus to my liking.
    Residual adhesive is too difficult to remove.

  14. james says:

    Anyone know if this is good for touchscreens? particularly for the samsung instinct, because i just bought one and am kinda scared cuz i had to beg my dad for it so if its not good then i cant do anything about it…

  15. jon g says:

    I now have 2 devices protected with InvisiShield: Ipod Touch and Blackberry Pearl. I really like how it works and feels. Its very clear. Oh and the touch screen wasn’t affected at all–seemingly same sensitivity.

    I did both installs myself with a liberal amount of the spray. Although installing it can be a bit tricky, I think most people can hack it. One tip I would give is to use enough of the spray to allow you to slide the plastic around to where you want it. Then try to squeegy out the excess. If the piece has little tabs that arent sticking, simply wait for about 10 minutes for them to “dry” a bit. That will make them much more tacky. Hold tabs down for a minute or so and they should stick.

    Only complaint I have is on the Ipod Touch 2g pattern. It left the corners of my device exposed. The Blackberry Pearl had a bunch of little pieces to fill in the gaps. Perhaps the folks at Invisishield were trying to simplify.

  16. Pete says:

    Hey, is it just me or does it sound like the people that are retarded cant use this product? It sounds to me like the ones who are having trouble either didnt follow the directions or they just simply suck. I just want to know if i install it correctly will it work. the thing i dont want is a weird texture covering my screen. will this happen?

  17. Shiznit says:

    No Pete, it’s not just you. Everyone who has had problems with this device is “retarded” or just simply “sucks.”

  18. Jack says:

    Hello everybody. I need help fast. I tried to put this shield on my my phone and its all messed up. The liquid spray went inside my phone and I guess it fried the wiring in it. Now my phone won’t work. I gott the phone reparied but i have air bubbles all over the screen and it is really annoying because I cant see the info on the screen. So i got so angry at invisible shield, i ripped it off and the screen came off too! Dont buy this product, now I have to get a new phone. This protective screen will ruin your life like it did for me.

    • j says:

      That’s why you are supposed to leave your phone off for at least a couple of hours. Read the instructions in the packaging or on the website

  19. Rodney says:

    I think its simple to install, just take your time. I too think that “Zagg’s” Return policy is quite sketchy. Once the sale is complete they are done with you. Thats not good customer service. Also the product looks fake, it makes my Phone look like one of those display phones at the stores.

    What else is out there?
    Any other brands of this “shield” i dont want a huge case.

  20. Josh says:

    This product IS amazing. As for the above who ‘ripped’ his screen off with the product… lies. He needs help fast becuase he ripped the screen off, ecuase of air bubbles? Fail.

    It worked fantastic on my Verizon Omnia, trick is, put enough liquid on the device, and on the sticky side of the film, gently place it down, and you can use the squegee to ‘nudge’ the film, hitting it only on the sides, and then squeege the liquid out bottom to top, or vice versa.

  21. Zach says:

    Hey anyone have any good suggestion for getting rid of fingerprints. I got mine on there with no air bubbles but fingerprints, yes. I had to remove pieces manytimes to get rid of the bubbles and left many finger prints trying to do so. I think this is because I didn’t use enough liquid. The instructions weren’t clear on how much of this liquid I should be using and obviously it wasn’t enough. (I only sprayed it twice, and that was on the sticky side.) Just very reluctant to let liquid near my devices.

  22. Martin says:

    I bought the invisible shield for my iPhone 3g (white), and applied it perfectly. But once installed you will notice that it sucks up dirt like a magnet and becomes yellowish after a couple of weeks (2-3) I now have a yellow iPhone. After another week it will start to peel off. I made use of the warranty once, and got a new one. Same procedure. But I don’t want to apply a new one every 2-3 month, since you still have to pay 5$ or so for the shipping of a new one. Product sucks! And for that pricetag a real joke!

  23. STEVE says:


    What a nightmare to put on properly – so fiddly. Set aside some serious time to get it partly right. And the screen loses it’s “feel” and your fingers just don’t slide like they used to (or did with my other $5 screen protector that was simple to put on) It’s not invisible, the phone becomes dull and the screen is different, dimmer and marked (by the inevitable wrinkling no matter how small). Every week it looks worse and the corners peel off. I’ll be tearing it off soon – Save your money for a decent back guard and a standard easy apply protector that will do you fine.

  24. kraemer says:

    i live near a local shieldzone kiosk and would recommend having it “professionally” installed. there is an extra charge but the fee is well worth the results. if u dont live close by a retail location order it online and just be sure to apply ALOT of solution to the shields sticky side and even spray your device a few times right before laying the sticker down. i have applied many of my own shields and find it to be fairly simple just be sure to avoid touching the sticky side w. your fingers because DUH like all stickers u will get dirt and fingerprints so be patient and for locations visit i can tell anyone that this is the best route to go if your looking to protect your expensive gadgets. the company has a lifetime guarantee also which cantbe beat. if you arent sure about the product try the screen only protecter first which also allows for you to use any case with it
    good luck!:)

  25. kraemer says:

    as for the guy with the “yellow” iphone that is not normal. unless your phone is exposed to some really dirty places it should be clear. i recommend cleaning it because if its stained yellow that is just grime and dirt which wouldnt be effected by the shield…

  26. Brandon says:

    My only concern is that there are spaces on my ipod that are not completely covered… they say they computer “cut” the shield to your device perfectly, but this is a lie…there will be a small space around the scroll wheel that is uncovered and small spaces on the perimeter of the ipod… also do try to get rid of all the air bubbles becuase they do not completely disappear in 2-3 days as they claim…

  27. Brandon says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the squeegee process will scratch both the screen and the back of your ipod… I know becuase I applied the invisible shield right after taking my brand new ipod out of the box, and it now has vertical and horizontal scratches on the screen and on the rear metallic surface…

    • Justin says:

      100% Untrue. I have applied invisible shield to multiple iPods, directly out of the package and they have never been scratched in any way. Invisible Shield works incredibly well, as long as you follow the directions EXACTLY, which none of the naysayers here appear to have done.

  28. bruce says:

    Do not buy. I had my installed……works and looks great for a month……then it starts falling off, ripples……what a mess. NOT worth it

  29. mjd572 says:

    Horrible!!I did the install myself and it did not go on smoothly-but the instructions tell you to wait 12-24 HOURS before turning your phone back on to allow the film to “set”. 24 hours??? Waste of money!!!!

  30. Rob says:

    This crap is IMPOSSIBLE to put on perfectly. The only way I see this working is if you happen to work at a place that installs them all day long and have all the right tools and experience to do so. But for the first-timer at home with a cell phone or iPod, this will make you rip you hair out. No matter how much liquid you put on it, it will stick to your fingers and take a perfect fingerprint. It will always be off center, and will always has air, dust and wrinkles in it.
    It is too damn expensive for this. There is no way to put enough liquid on the screen to float the protector without drowning your device. Throwing $20 out and being incredibly angry isn’t my way of spending a Sunday afternoon.

  31. xtopher says:

    This product was really a waste of my time and money.

    I ordered it online and when I recieved the package all of the spray had leaked out of the bottle, I guess some genius didn’t tighten the top. But no biggy right? It’s mostly water.

    Well I applied it to my device properly, and everything fit except one bit thing to me: The corners of my device where completely unprotected leaving it looking like I had just wrapped it in tape, because although it’s true you can not see through the material you can see the edges if they arent positions perfectly.

    So, the corners of my device collected dust and dirt from the edges of the shield because they were unprotected. When you have a $400 device you don’t want it looking like its wrapped in tape with dirt and lint stuck all over it.

    Sure; it wont get scratched but it will look like crap.

  32. balintus says:

    Installation is a pain in the a**.
    My Touch Diamond now looks quite ugly.. I still hope it gets better in 24hrs.
    Flat parts look OK but the Diamond’s back is nothing but flat.
    So, the buttons are OK, the screen should be OK but I don’t see why you need to flip the IS at the sides.. they cover the nice black aluminum? sides which gave the phone a really elegant look.. and so it won’t be able to dissipate heat anymore (ever tried to run iGo while on the charger?)
    Also, as you flip the shield, the foil is too rigid so you will have bubbles all the way the sides of the screen.
    If it keeps looking this much ugly, I’ll go get a refund.
    Sure when I sell this phone it will have no scratches.
    But I wouldnt put transparent plastic on my carpets just to save them from dust.

  33. TylerD says:

    If you own a Palm Pre or any similar black touch screen device, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. You will be unhappy.

    i am very unhappy with the appearance of the product. IT IS NOT INVISIBLE, BY ANY MEANS.

    apparently I.S. has changed their packaging so that you don’t get a bottle of spray. You get a tray with a little sponge. THIS IS LAME. Here’s why: you cannot apply enough application liquid with the sponge. A sprayer could apply the liquid in a mist, perhaps allowing more liquid to stay on the surface of the sticker. The sponge does not keep it wet enough to apply.

    To really get a good application, the surface must be very wet, and this cannot be done sufficiently with the sponge packet. The result is MANY air bubbles. The squeegee is ineffective at pressing them out because it’s not wet enough! I used the squeegee on the first attempt, then did a second attempt using my thumb to press it out smoothly, from the center working to the edges. This method worked well to get the bubbles out.

    HOWEVER, once dry, i saw the material had stretched with my thumb, and created a “fish scale” appearance from all my little thumb presses!

    I left phone for a day as instructed, and although many of the ‘micro bubbles’ disappeared, the stretching is now in the material. The result is the screen looks all rippled in light reflected glare on the surface. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

    The corners sealed well. i have already removed it, and it came off just fine.

    The material is far too tacky to simply spread with a credit card. It is NOT LIKE WINDOW TINT, which remains unsticky and you can reposition. THIS STUFF IS STICKY LIKE TAPE RIGHT FROM THE START. You’d have to have it VERY WET to overcome it’s glue. This is impossible with this sponge thing.

    This product is sold as a self-install product. I would not consider it such, as packaged. Professional install may be more suitable, so that someone who has done enough to develop a ‘technique’ can overcome imperfections.

    The “warranty” is misleading. It does NOT cover installation flaws. So if you get a piece to fold over and it sticks to itself, or it stretches so alignment is impossible, you are S.O.L. Also, it costs $4-6 per warranty replacement. Hardly the ‘lifetime guarantee’ as preached on the pkg.

    BUYER BEWARE. For the same appearance, you may as well install a simple Palm screen protector which peels off and is disposable. It is just as “invisible” as this product.

    Even if you could manage a perfect install with no bubbles or stretch ripples, the material is made to have an “orange peel” effect. (like car paint) A touch screen requires a glassy finish. FOR THE SAME EFFECT, I MAY AS WELL COVER THE THING WITH CLEAR PACKING TAPE. THEY HAVE SOME B*LLS CALLING IT “INVISIBLE”.

  34. Dave Staven says:

    Invisible Shield = piece of crap……tried to apply it per instructions, but kept peeling on my Palm Pre…threw it away…..trash!!!! waste of money!!!

  35. Natalie says:

    After reading lots of reviews like the ones on this website, I was really nervous about putting the invisible shield on my iphone 3g, so I read and re-read the instructions, read numerous 3rd-party instructions, and watched the youtube videos to make sure I had the entire process down. Then I just followed the instructions, period.

    One thing I think a lot of people have majorly failed to do here is TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I did mine before I went to bed so it would have all night to dry. It took me an hour and a half to get it just right and to get all the little flaps on the edges to stick properly, then I stuck my iphone in a sock and put a book on top of it just to be sure they wouldn’t come back up overnight. As for bubbles, don’t just slap the thing down on top of your phone/ipod/whatever…start at one end and kind of lay it down slowly from one edge to another, squeegee-ing as you go along. This way works a lot better for preventing bubbles from being trapped. I barely even used the squeegee, instead I mostly used my fingers. The first time I laid the shield down, it was crooked, but instead of freaking out I just peeled it off and tried again. Just make sure your fingers are wet and fingerprints won’t be a problem, and if you run out of the solution (I had plenty left), just use bottled water. I had one small bubble (which disappeared) and two small pieces of lint (which are barely noticeable).

    For the people who are complaining that they have to let it sit for 8-12 hours (minimum)…I suggest you learn a little word called “patience”. If you aren’t willing to follow the instructions and take your time, then don’t complain when your invisible shield looks like crap. I let mine sit overnight and then used it very gingerly the next day and had no issues.

    Additionally…its a little piece of plastic. An inanimate object. If you’re going to let this thing piss you off enough that you rip it off and throw it in the trash, or whatever some of these other people did, then you have some anger management issues. Wait until you aren’t busy before you being installing this thing, and TAKE YOUR TIME. Don’t do it immediately after you get home from work and you’ve been sitting in rush hour traffic for two hours and your kids are screaming at you and you want to kill someone. That’s not a recipe for success.

    As for it not being “invisible”…no, its not, but its pretty freakin close. Nothing is invisible, so chill out people. Unless I have my face three inches from one of the corners where the little edge flaps are, I can’t tell it’s there. It does give the screen a SLIGHTLY textured looking surface, however, I can only tell when I hold the screen at an angle in the light. It’s completely unnoticeable when I’m staring straight at it while I’m using my phone. Plus, it’s more noticeable to you because you know it’s there…I doubt anyone else will even see it. My boyfriend had one on his iphone and I played around with it a lot before I got my own, and I never even noticed it until he told me he had one and recommended that I get one too. Personally, I think it’s worth it, since I now have the piece of mind knowing my iphone isn’t going to be covered in scratches.

    Don’t listen to the negative reviews…this is a great product, if you have some patience and are willing to take the time to install it properly. I recommend you google “invisible shield install instructions” and read as many of them as possible before you start installing. And TAKE YOUR TIME.

    Hope this helps :-)

  36. Matt says:

    Well said.

    I just had this professionally put on my phone a few hours ago and it looks great, and I love the added grip it provides as well. Sure I could have done this myself. There is a trick to it, as some have stated, use lots of solution. on the object, on the adhesive side, and on the surface. And don’t forget your fingers. If you spray your fingers a few times it will keep them from sticking to the shield and leaving finger prints. Also, try to find a clean, dust free room to avoid lint and dust from settling on the screen. This too will cause air bubbles to be left, and will not be able to be smoothed out. But you can reapply it, just peel it off and try again. If you read the instruction and the website, they clearly state it can be reapplied numerous times without leaving residue. Also, if you run out of solution, water will work, but a better idea would be a mix between water and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will evaporate faster cutting down dry times for those of you who are a bit on the impatient side. Lastly, proper application and squeegee use make a big difference. After all surfaces are sufficiently wet, align one edge, center the shield on the device, and then lay it down slowly working your way to the opposite edge. There may be a few bubbles left over, which can be smoothed out by using the squeegee in a diagonal motion. start from the bottom and work your way up, pushing the bubbles diagonally out to the sides, not straight up or you’ll likely get them trapped and have to start over. When that is done, you can use a hairdryer on low to speed drying up a bit more (this is what the person who applied mine did). It was also mentioned to me that I should not put this in my pocket or any holster for about 2 days while the adhesive cures. Failure to do so may result in corners peeling.

    I certainly recommend this product for anyone worried about scratching their new phone, gps, laptop or anything else. As for me, I will most-likely use this in combination with a silicone case for added drop protection.

  37. Unhappy Customer says:

    I cannot recommend strongly enough against purchasing this product. I bought it from a kiosk and had it installed by them, and the shield is peeling off the phone four days after I bought it. Between the charges from Zagg to get the replacement shield, and the charge from the kiosk to reapply it, I would have to pay nearly the full purchase price AGAIN to get my “free” replacement. Avoid this like the plague.

  38. Luis says:

    Greetings everyone! I just installed my Invisible Shield on my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, indeed, it’s a pain in the neck to install, but with patience and care the installment can be a success! I 1st tried it and I was kind of worried because there were some very little tiny bubbles left, but just about 3 in the middle, and even though the edges were basically covered, I noticed that it was a little crooked on the left side. After 40 mins of reading (which I should’ve done in the beginning, I know, duh me!) I decided to peel it off and try again. It was difficult, and I was extremely scared that the screen will come out as well, I peeled it carefully (took me about 3 mins) and voi-la! The invisible shield came out, the screen was even cleaner, and to my relief, it stayed there, thank God! So I quickly cleaned it with a soft cloth, and sprayed the I.S. again, and guess what? I installed it better the 2nd time! It’s true, it gives a SLIGHTLY textured looking surface, but this is true and u can notice that only when you hold the screen at an angle in the light, so there’s not much to worry there. I’ll just wait until tuesday to start using my phone again (I installed it (2nd time) about 10 mins ago (today is Sunday) so I won’t dare to turn on my cell phone with all the solution that I sprayed, I still have some left, this is because I didn’t drown the I.S. with it :-P LOL!) so I’ll just use my other granny-cell phone while I wait, no biggie either. So my best recommendation to all is HAVE PATIENCE, BE CALM and just install it with care. I u think u’ll still have some problems, then get a specialist to do it for u, unfortunately I can’t, I’m in Peru and I ordered this online, so I had to do it on my own.

    Grace be with you.

    Psalm 19:7-8
    John 3:16-18.

    • Luis says:

      And when I said “I cleaned it with a soft cloth” I meant the screen of my cell phone, just in case. I sprayed the I.S. again, this time a little more.

    • Kurt says:

      Hey Luis thx for the comment rly helped as I was a bit confused with all the comments of it being CRAP and RUbbish. Im going to order 2 shields so I was initially a bit sceptic. But I guess all it really needs is a bit of time and patience, pretty much like the good things in life :) . I hope that everything will go smoothly with everything though i really think its going to work out well. again thx for the help. Kurt

  39. Jay (subscribed) says:

    DO NOT BUY. There are cheaper, better alternatives available. Bought one with my new LG ENVY and had it professionally installed at the store. Lasted only three months. Called the manufacturer and was advised that in order to receive my “free” replacement, I would have to buy another one until they received the defective screen. NO WAY. Just bought one from another manufacturer and it fits, looks and protects better than the garbage from INVISISHIELD.

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