Soundproof Karaoke Microphone

The Soundproof Karaoke Microphone is just what the American Idol wannabes ordered. No more threats from your neighbours and not more jeers from your dog. Now they can sleep soundly since you’ll be the only one who can hear your Crazy Frog songs. When the stress comes a-knocking, break out the Soundproof Karaoke Microphone for some Boys II Men sessions and you’ll be glad your lungs are cleared.

However, singing out of tune could be annoying for some people, so if you want to practice for your next karaoke session, you can use “Bou-on maiku myuto” (bou-on= soundproof, noiseproof; maiku=microphone; myuto=mute). It is advertised as “The best secret training! You can sing in the loudest voice while your family and neighbors sleep. You can also release stress, for example when you want to shout four-letter words without others noticing”.

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3 Responses to “Soundproof Karaoke Microphone”
  1. DJ/KJ EZEE says:

    i’m just wondering how much echo or feedback you might get from the device because i know on a hot mic if you cup it, it will deliver ear-piercing decibels. also, what quality microphone? or can you use any microphone? and can it be a three prong mic jack instead of a quarter inch jack?

  2. John M says:

    To help tighten up a room’s sound and make it more soundproof with the specialized Mineral Fiber (Rock wool) sound insulation, specifically designed for acoustical usage. It offers excellent bass trapping, overall absorption, thermal characteristics, moisture absorption and sound transmission loss (isolation). The combination of our mass loaded vinyl barrier and Mineral Fiber (Rock Wool) board will give you excellent sound absorption.
    The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) calculated 1.0

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