Star Trek Online Timeline Unnecessary

June 19, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Big Download claims “the success of the new Star Trek movie has made many die hard Trek fans wonder what happened to the timeline of the previous TV shows and movies”. But practically all of them already knew the whole-alternate-universe-existing-on-a-different-quantum-frequency thing long before the movie came out. Making the Star Trek Online timeline below (courtesy Atari through BD) totally unnecessary:


Heck, I’m sure savvy fans have even figured out the dissolution of the Klingon-Fed alliance, given the messy inter-galactic politics started towards the end of Deep Space Nine and continued during Picard’s final days on-screen. But it’s always good for geeks to see the niggling details their favorite mythos fleshed out by a professional graphic designer, and the timeline’s definitely whetting my appetite for the upcoming online game. Definitely a Q’apla!

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One Response to “Star Trek Online Timeline Unnecessary”
  1. tamgros says:

    You’re correct that most of us Trek fans understood the difference, but there were floods of people who came to the STO forums that had no idea what was going on. They made thread after thread about this issue. The ST fans actually made several timelines to show the new fans what was going on (though not as graphically tricked out as the official Cryptic one).

    I’m glad Cryptic made the timeline to alleviate confusion, and I’m definitely excited for the game :)

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