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Swann Red Alert DVR detects movement

February 7, 2008 by colbert low  
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Swann Red Alert DVR

The pocket-sized RedAlert contains several sophisticated security features that are housed in a sleek, compact, but striking red exterior that measures a mere 3” x 2”.The DVR can be connected to either a wireless or wired security camera, or both at the same time. Once the RedAlert™ detects movement, recording is triggered. The unit can capture either AVI videos (10 seconds each) or JPEG photos via a built-in 16MB memory and an external SD card slot. SD memory cards are sold separately from RadioShack, with a 2GB card able to store up to 28,800 images or 4,380, 10 second AVI videos. Available exclusively at Radio Shack stores for $149.99

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11 Responses to “Swann Red Alert DVR detects movement”
  1. GiftGadgetGateway says:

    Red Alert, sounds like Command and Conquer. Is it able to connect the computer? 10 seconds of AVI each recording? It would be difficult to view those recordings if I wanted to find something. Wouldn’t it be better to have it connect to computer and utilise the disk space and the memory card serves as backup storage in case of computer failure?

  2. Aussie says:

    Great idea, disappointing results. The basics look good but there are some significant shortcomings with the kit. The unit is easy to set up and the on screen menu is easy to follow.
    The amount of lead (1.5m) on the camera power unit limits locations that the camera can be set. Not such a big deal as extra lead is available as an accessory.
    The camera is of only adequate quality and is listed as ‘weather resistant’ rather than weather proof so is limited to indoor applications only. and the mounting bracket supplied limits the orientation of the camera.
    Quality of video or photo is limited by the cmos receiver.
    Night vision is claimed to have a 30 foot range on the web site. It is probably nearer half that.
    The biggest beef is the setting of the sensitivity. Too low and ‘noise’ triggers the record feature rather than movement. Sensitivity of the system to movement in general seems poor or at best inconsistent. Swann’s tech support may come come up with a solution … eventually. On the whole, this is a difficult unit to recommend.
    The system is designed only

  3. Audioss says:

    Yes! great idea, recording to SD card.
    Fairly well implemented but the wireless suckes. 2.4 gig phone, wi-fi, microwave kill it. I had to move it to the garrage and place the receive antenna 2 feet from camera to get reliable usage.
    Camera res seems to be low. I ordered a high res wired camera to try. Hopefully the low res is not caused by the JPG compression.
    The unit makes a new folder every day abd timestamps the images.
    A 2 gig SD card gives space hundreds of thousands of images.
    After power fail it defaults to wireless camera 1. so you need a small UPS for relialability if you using anything else.
    I have the cam mounted 9 feet off the ground and the IR night vision almost makes it to the ground.
    I just pop out the SD card to review images but a video monitor of some sort is needed for setup.
    It also has some delay between detecting motion and recording, often missing what trigered it.

  4. Henry N Narsing says:

    I own a red alert; my problem is that, despite many attempts at adjusting the event rec. sensitivity, it starts to record pics. Disappointing.

  5. Ben says:

    I bought the Swann Red Alert Security Kit yesterday and returning it back today.
    The quality is very bad. $399 is a lot for a poor product. The Res is too low.
    Wireless will go about 5 metres before it starts to lose the signal. I ended up hard wiring in a high res camera. Much better. Still looking for a high res DVR with motion sensor.

  6. Lee says:

    Unique unit with recording to SD card and wireless camera. One of the primary reasons I chose to buy this unit. However, was quickly disappointed in the actual results and performance. Found sensor area adjustment to be inaccurate. Difficult to set the right motion sensor setting. Seemed to be too high (no motion sensing) or too low that noise will trigger it off. It continuously recorded when there was no motion so it filled up the SD card with useless files, which was contradictory to what it was designed to do. Image quality was quite poor, especially if the unit was not in close to the camera. Only able to record 1 camera at a time, so the 2nd camera was pretty much useless. End up using it just as a wireless camera transmitter and recording live to my computer. Overall, pretty disappointed by the product and if I could return it I would in an instant.

  7. Sean Vanity says:

    Great device.
    Works wonders in a bathroom.
    we continuously had employees of ours sneaking into our private office and “using ” or private bathroom.
    Deidre and I wanted to see who was doing it

    • rick says:

      what kind of sick perverted bastard records his employees using the bathroom??????? heres a tip….LOCK THE DAMN DOOR!!! I hope you get sued into oblivion!!!!!!!!!

  8. bob says:

    Swann is the biggest rip off around, every time you write to them all they do is answer your question with a question. I sent in a Swann DVR8 to get repaired and it cost me almost $400.00 to have them send it back to me in the same condition when I sent it to them. I emailed them again and again the same thing answer my question with a question. Still no help from them. Well it cost me almost $400 to see that Swann is nothing but crap and a on-line thief. I will never purchase another Swann product.

  9. G baker says:


  10. Rick E. says:

    What a piece of junk! I bought this device to monitor my deck that was just 6 feet out in front of my home. I am putting a very expensive telescope and personal observatory there. I wanted to monitor it (curious eyes and thieves of opportunity). After trying to set this sensitivity about 50 times…I give up. I had my brother try to help. I tried to set it while the guy building my deck was working on it…It took 280 pics over night. During the day I set it for movies. It took 125 movies within 12 hours??? No matter where I set the sensitivity it either took no pics or vids or boatloads. I walked in front of it a multitude of times, drove out of the driveway in my car and (as Slim Pickens would say) “For What!” Not one lousy image of me leaving or in front of the deck. What a piece of junk! No matter how or where you set it or the sensitivity, It doesn’t work worth a crap outside..Period!

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