Efficient Three-Wheel Car = US Gov’t Fail

March 27, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Automotive

So you come up with the Aptera 2e, a really efficient two-seater, three-wheel car. Even better, it runs as much as a hundred miles on one 8-hour charge from your standard wall outlet. Even even better, the car draws energy from the friction generated by its brakes, and its built-in solar panels.

Even even even better, you’ve got at least 4000 people who’ve actually paid for the car! So why can’t manufacture Aptera Motors rely on the government for some badly-needed cash to push its ideas further?

Here’s the thing: the US Department of Energy’s $25 billion loan-program for alternative-energy cars only covers cars that run on four wheels. This face-to-palm moment becomes more apt when you learn that bailout-hungry GM has managed to secure $8 billion from the same fund. Repeat after me: face-to-palm.

To be fair, that’s a reality that can be changed through some legislative-wrangling. Aptera should let all members of Congress take a ride in their creation. The absolutely cool electronic hum generated by a running 2e is sure to win converts.

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