Simple Hack Turns Cellphone into Blood Disease Detector

December 23, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Cellphones, Digital Cameras, Lifestyle

Serving mankind: Cheap technology to replace an expensive setup, via a cellphone slightly modified to quickly detect diseases in blodd samples. Apparently, testing blood for deadly diseases (like Malaria, HIV,etc.) requires specialized equipment and labor, which is probably why not everyone can enjoy the luxury of the early diagnosis needed to improve chances of recovery.

And that’s why a recent invention via a UCLA research team seems so promising. Using an off-the-shelf gadget like a cellphone’s built-in camera, and an easy to apply filter, the whole roundabout blood testing thing has been reduced to an automated science. Easy to implement, won’t break the bank, and frees up labor for other important tasks. Never did an invention sound so useful. And look! Sony Ericsson gets free exposure as well!

(image and further details from Wired)

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