Where Laptops Still Beat Smartphones

June 12, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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The advent of Blackberries marked the beginning of the frequent mobile use era. It’s not uncommon to see people today check their email or their favorite websites through their phone.

Courtesy Quo Vadis

Courtesy Quo Vadis

The problem is that some people are unaware of how rude they come off, tapping away on their thumboards in meetings or even one-on-one conversations.

This is where smartphones still fall short versus laptops. For some reason, and I’ve seen this happen many times, people who use laptops to essentially not pay attention while getting things done on their own agenda come off as more polite. More businesslike even.

It’s a reality that will probably not change soon. You can tap away on the keyboard, do a little furious clicking, all while glancing quickly at the speaker. All in the name of pretending that you’re doing an activity related to the current business conversation. So long as you pretend to follow the 7 rules for using laptops in meetings I guess.

Heck, so long as no one else can see your screen, you can even dabble in casual gaming. That’s also something I’ve seen happen with my own eyes.

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