In Soviet Russia, Wood Powers You!

March 27, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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wooden-cell-phone-chargerWell more like in a place trying to break away from Russia, but totally awesome nonetheless. Apparently some Chechen troops hiding in the woods had no electricity to charge their cell phones, so they made a manual-powered one from wood. That’s because you can’t really wage war without keeping in touch with friends and family, or even texting insults to the enemy (that reportedly happens between Philippine government and rebel troops).

Anyways, it’s hard to decipher the Russian, but from all appearances, the wooden cell phone charger contraption converts human energy into electric through some dynamo-thingy. And if I’m not mistaken, those are old-school and latest edition Nokia chargers plugged up to the whole setup. Thanks to English Russia for sharing the awesomeness with the English-speaking world! (and for the image as well)

GSMA Association Pushing for Standard microUSB Charger

February 18, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Cellphones

It’s about damn time. The GSM Association, promoter of the most ubiquitous communications standard in the world, is pushing GSM operators and manufacturers to adopt a universal phone charger by 2012. Even better this new standard relies on microUSB, reports Gearfuse, conceivably allowing support for other USB-powered devices as well. Even better, the new spec requires 50% less power consumption when on standby mode.

Ok, so you still shouldn’t leave these new chargers plugged in once you’re done with them (and if they get off the ground, for that matter). But think: no more different chargers for different brands! No more frustration felt as your Sony Ericsson’s battery drains in a house full of Nokia plugs! Here’s to hoping all GSM manufacturers will also integrate data transfer functionality into the microUSB charger ports they’re supposed to start engineering into their phones.

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