Showdown of “New Generation” Smartphones

June 11, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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In attempt to get more people to their website BillShrink recently came out with this well-made digital flyer that compares the so-called “new generation” smartphones:

Courtesy BillShrink

Courtesy BillShrink

Here’s that table in real-text form:

iPhone 3GS (AT&T) Palm Pre (Sprint) Android G1 (T-Mobile)
Storage Capacity 16GB 8GB 1GB (Expandable SD Slot)
Talk Time (hours) 5 5 5
Standby Time (hours) 300 300 130
Camera Megapixels 3.0
With Video Recording & Editing
3.0 3.0
With Video Recording
WiFi? Yes Yes Yes
Turn By Turn (& Digital Compass)
Turn by Turn
Turn By Turn (& Digital Compass)
Voice Commands? Yes No Yes
App Store iTunes App Store Palm App Catalog Android Market
Price (With Contract) $199 $199 $149
Price (Without Contract) $599 $550 $399
Service Plans Unlimited:
$99.99 - Voice
$30.00 - Data
$20.00 - Messaging
Unlimited Voice, Data, & Messaging:
$99.99 - Voice & Messaging
$24.99 - Data
Total Costs (+Tax Over 24 Months) $3,600 $2,400 $3,149

Is the N96 the N81 8GB’s Long Lost Twin?

November 13, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Barring the obvious differences in picture quality (which also make clear the advantages of a dSLR working in good natural lighting), aren’t the similarities between the Nokia N96 and the N81 8GB as apparent?

Much better pics and a review to follow, in that order. For now, here’s another pic for your satisfaction:


Let’s hope the N96 isn’t as slow as its older counterpart. Dun dun dunnnn!!

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