Calling on All For-Sale Sites: Require Serial Numbers!

March 17, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Wouldn’t it be harder to thieves to fence stuff online if all reputable for-sale sites required sellers to post the serial numbers of their wares?

It’s been a pretty hectic week for Technograph, involving a couple of stolen Macbook Pros. The unibody was recently stolen, while its 2007 counterpart was found. Read more

Are Cooling Pads for the Macbook Pro Unnecessary?

March 1, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Reader Rico (no relation) recently told me about smcFanControl, an Intel Mac OS X utility that provides the user with direct control over a Macbook Pro’s set of cooling fans. By setting the minimum fan speed of the laptop, smcFanControl basically sets how fast the cooling fans run.

So how does this make cooling pads unnecessary? Rico’s personal testimony revealed that he was able to make his hot-running MBP, at 65 degrees Celsius, drop by 7 degrees by forcing the fans to run at full speed. As a safety feature, smcFanControl will not allow the user to slow fan speed below the minimum as dictated by Apple’s defaults.

While this makes a cooling pad mostly unnecessary, I wonder what the effect of running your CPU, hard disk, and optical drive fans at a consistently high speed? Will such direct and manual control of an MBP’s fans also void the warranty? At the very least, I’m pretty sure high fan speeds drain the battery faster.

BusinessWeek Writer States the Obvious, Shock at Macs’ Priciness

January 22, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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So Stephen Wildstrom decided to do some virtual window-shopping, kitting out an XPS M1530 and a MacBook Pro with similar specs. And—que horror!—the Dell was $600 cheaper!

Yes, the MacBook is considerably better looking and it comes with a really nifty assortment of software. But for that $675 difference, you can buy yourself a copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student, a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, and have plenty left over for a nice netbook.

Read more

17″ MacBook Pro Replacement Cost: $179 sans Taxes

January 14, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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So Apple recently came out with an announcement about replacing the battery of its newest 17″ MacBook Pro:
How much does battery replacement cost?
Battery replacement prices are based on your region:

Region Cost
United States $179 pre taxes
Canada CA$219 pre taxes
Europe €179 inc. VAT
United Kingdom £139 inc. VAT
Japan ¥19,800 inc. taxes
Australia A$299 inc. vat
China 1498 RMB inc. vat

Read more

Apple Laptop and Desktop Black Friday Promo

November 27, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Announcements, Deals

Despite all the iPhone hate, Apple’s laptops deserve all that love. Same with its desktops. Check out what retailers are planning to offer come Black Friday, which is tomorrow:

Current Model Retail MacMall BestBuy Amazon
13″ White MacBook $999 -$100 -$100 -$81
13″ 2GHz MacBook $1299 -$119 -$100 -$79
13″ 2.4GHz MacBook $1599 -$149 -$150 -$129
15″ 2.4GHz MB Pro $1999 -$200 -$100 -$200
15″ 2.5Ghz MB Pro $2499 -$250 -$100 -$210
17″ 2.5GHz MB Pro $2799 -$250 -$100 -$105
1.6GHz MacBook Air $1799 -$149 -$150 -$55
1.8GHz SSD MacBook Air $2499 -$179 -$150 -$129
20″ 2.4GHz iMac $1199 -$119 -$100 -$69
20″ 2.6GHz iMac $1499 -$129 -$100 -$80
24″ 2.8GHz iMac $1799 -$159 -$150 -$119
24″ 3.06GHz iMac $2199 -$159
Mac Pro 2.8GHz $2799 -$250 -$150 -$174

MacMall and Amazon’s prices take into account the mail-in rebate.

Source: Mac Rumors

Conversations: Performance of the New MacBooks

I mostly kept quiet last night while I chatted with Marco, the site guy, about just how much more powerful the new MacBooks are compared to their predecessors.

Marco: not too much performance boost
Marco: even with ddr3
Rico: Lol, only the basic model has an appreciable boost
Marco: yeah
Marco: i told you
Marco: macbooks benefited more
Marco: benefited
Rico: especially with the discrete (but not dedicated) graphics
Marco: yeah
Marco: but it is cheaper
Marco: my probable advice would be Read more

With Apple Laptops, Things Stay the Same

October 15, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Laptops


So Jobs has finally spilled the beans on their new MacBooks, turning the MacBook into a sort of MacBook Pro lite. Friends who’ve been brainwashed by Apple’s marketing have expressed slight disappointment—who can blame ‘em? Here’s a short rundown on what Apple has to offer:


Yes, Apple’s laptops (at least these two) feature a premium over similar PC counterparts. The MacBook starts at $1299. A similarly configured Dell XPS M1330—sans the DDR3 memory—is much cheaper, and can do more. Mobile broadband anyone? Forget what Apple says about configuring for standards that don’t exist yet. The Steve Jobs tax is very much alive, especially since you have to pay a whopping $2000 (at least) for the Macbook Pro. Read more

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