“Never-Locked” iPhone 3G for $200

April 14, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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If you really wanted an iPhone 3G but never wanted to adhere to the carefully cultivated Jobnesian smartphone setup (or you didn’t want to pay a massive extra for freedom), here’s your chance!

Through buy.com, you can get a “never-locked” iPhone 3G for only $200. The special label applies because this is a rare, fully-functional, and affordable unit that has never been jailbroken. It enjoys full support courtesy of Apple’s warranty, and will not break when new software updates are installed. Most importantly, being “never-locked”, the phone works with any network provider.

What are the catches? First and foremost, the $200 gets you a refurbed unit. It’s not brand-new. Also, from all indications, you still have to commit to a two-year plan from AT&T. Unfortunately, the offer is currently “temporarily sold out”, so it’s impossible to fully verify this offering.

Thanks Peter The Mordo Juan! Image courtesy of Apple Inc.

Have You Considered Factory Refurbished Home Entertainment?

September 1, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Home Entertainment

secondact_theme_logo.gifWith the prices of home entertainment consumer electronics being as they are, factory refurbished items may be a more practical alternative to consumers on a budget. What’s “factory refurbished”, you ask? Check out Wikipedia’s entry below:

Computers and laptops that are refurbished usually means that it did not initially pass quality standards of the manufacturer. They then fix or recertify the unit and sell it at a discount price (Up to 30% off). Most of them carry a 30 day store warranty and 90 days with manufacturer.

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