Extreme Segway + Steadicam Skills

May 22, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Cameras, Transportation

Totally amazing: watch this Steadicam operator go full speed on a Segway towards the stage, dismounting gracefully onto it, and making tight circles that would make a ballerina dizzy before alighting stage right:

And that was just a rehearsal. Now see how the shot turned out during the live Eurovision performance (right at 2:40):

Extreme cinematography execution and Segway-manship at its finest, no doubt. Fellow Steadicam pros/enthusiasts are going gaga over the performance, and its rumored that the operator is a certain Karsten Jacobsen.

Ah, but all amazing feats always involve the unheralded, the sidekick who helps the leader look good. In this case it’s the camera assistant, valiantly operating focus and zoom at performance level, making sure not to trip up himself or his wingman.

(Thanks ProVideo Coalition!)

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