Gaining Access to Private Facebook Accounts

May 15, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Feel free to debate the ethics and morality of tricking someone into letting you see their Facebook account. In any case, the steps outlined at’s “How to View Private Facebook Profiles” are surprisingly easy to carry out. Since the Facebook peeps are apparently quick to plug any hacks or exploits (according to the how-to’s author), the best way to gain unauthorized access seems to involve tricking people:

Courtesy of MakeUseOf

Courtesy of MakeUseOf

  • Send a message via Facebook to your target, hopefully provoking them into answering. According to Facebook help, answering reply grants the recepient temporary access to your profile. A brief time which will no doubt be maximized.
  • Failing that, you can trick your target’s friends into adding you. Once you’re able to acquire a large number of mutual friends, leaving an impression of familiarity—which increases the chances of succesfully befriend your target on Facebook—becomes that much easier.

Full details here.

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