Don’t Know the Net? This is For You

May 18, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Virtual Hilarity

Sure, the video below says surfing for seniors, but this unconsciously hilarious video is actually a great learning tool for that rare friend or family member who has absolutely no idea what the internet is about—much less use it:

The hilarious text starts off thus:

Welcome to Surfing for Seniors: An Introduction to the Internet

If you’re not comfortable with your computer, you may need to play this tape and practice many times.

The mouse is made to fit in the palm of your hard. Rest your hand on the rounded top, and push. You will see how the pointer on your screen moves around. It works similar to the game you find in fairs, supermarkets, deparment stores, where all of the toys are inside the glass case. You have to manuever the claw to pick up the toy inside the case. Since you cannot reach your hand inside the case, you must use the tool, by manuevering the lever.

Tip: Turn Your Vacations into Wallpapers

March 30, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Digital Cameras

A great way to maximize your vacation expenses is to use your camera to save memorable moments for posterity. This could be photos of you and your loved ones, with a wonderful vista set as the backdrop.


But no one said you could snap these vistas without anyone posing in the foreground and use them as wallpapers. Better yet, if you have your own website(s), you can offer these home-made wallpapers as downloads to attract readers to your online properties.

Sometimes you come by these wallpaper opportunities thanks to pure luck. After a night of drinking at the beach, I ended up sleeping on a deck chair, with the crashing waves lulling me to sleep. A few hours later, the beautiful sunrise woke up. Luckily, my point-and-shoot was in my pocket, so I groggily pulled myself up, ambled closer to the water to compose a better picture. After snapping a photo for the ages (and my desktop), I dragged myself back to the deck chair and continued sleeping.

Of course, you have to size your landscape photos into sizes that work well with your display. Two great (and free) solutions are Picasa and The former is a great photo manager, and allows you to somewhat control image resizing via its export function. If you’re looking for better control over the resizing process, you can give the latter—or any powerful photo editor like Photoshop—a try.

(image courtesy of Rey Agapito)

10 Ways to Use Internet Explorer Safely

March 26, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Lifestyle

So what do you get from the collective wisdom of hackers bunched within the same area? Why, tips on safer computing of course! Software security engineer Jeff Forristal asked people during the last pwn2own what your average user can do to better protect Internet Explorer from hacker activities. Here’s what they came up with. Read more

Must-Have Cellphone Numbers: What’s Yours?

February 16, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Cellphones, Ramblings of a Gadget Geek

My family’s pretty close. To the point that I know my parents or sister will help out if something really really bad were to happen to me. We also happen to all live in the same city.

So the numbers of parents and siblings are the first items on my must-have cellphone numbers. The point of this list to make it easy for any of companions to call for help if, again, something really really bad were to happen to me. I’d rather my friends would know who to call as I lay unconscious while bleeding all over the floor. They shouldn’t even think twice about using my own phone! Read more

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