The New, “Anti-Stab” Kitchen Knife Design

June 17, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Yes, we’ve all seen movie characters get blinded by rage pick up a kitchen knife and become murderers. Turns out that scene happens more often in real-life than we like to think, but if a new kitchen knife design takes off, kitchen stabbings could drop significantly.

The Anti-Stab Knife

The Anti-Stab Knife

Debuting in the UK, the anti-stab kitchen knife can still slice and dice, but is tremendously less effective as a stabbing weapon thanks to its redesigned tip. There’s still a pointy tip to facilitate cutting through produce or poultry, though it’s now below a blunt nub which will probably only break skin in the hands of super-strong men or something.

The redesign turns the sharp tip from killer point into a potentially life-saving device. Less elongated than its predecessor, the new tip actually increases the chance of the knife getting caught on something (like clothes) before the implement can plunge fatally into the human body. Obviously, even this knife is unsafe (slashing damage anyone?); the point is to lessen the deadliness of your typical kitchen knife.

Currently there are no details on the availability and cost of anti-stab knives. Expect updates on this great development as they come.

(Thanks BBC)

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4 Responses to “The New, “Anti-Stab” Kitchen Knife Design”
  1. Grant says:

    now they need to make blunt objects such as baseball bats, cricket bats and other sporting equipment so they can’t be used to bash people. While they’re at it they better stop people driving because vehicle can be used a weapon also. Oh, and we can’t forget the danger of plain ordinary human hands which can strangle etc. Those things need serious regulation…

    Stupidity epitomised in this knife…

  2. Christine Simiriglia says:

    Interesting concept. I suppose it is good if you have children in the house. I use a really great knife block to hold my knives called a Kapoosh. Find out more in an article I wrote about it here:


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