The new Sony USB Walkman MP3 E Series Player

April 27, 2006 by colbert low  
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The new Sony USB Walkman MP3 E Series Player requires only three minutes of charge time for three hours of non-stop playback music in ATRAC at 132Kbps just like the Walkman Bean™ MP3 Player. In fact , I was shopping with my wife yesterday and had a look at the Bean Player.At a mere 79mm in height and weighing only 25g, I’m sure the girls will love the 2GB pink version.

Integrating cutting-edge style with essential functionalities, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd announced the latest Walkman E series. Presenting Sony’s super quick charge battery that requires only three minutes of charge time for three hours of non-stop playback music in ATRAC at 132Kbps, it is one of the fastest battery recharges in the market. In addition, the Walkman E series serves 28 hours of music in ATRAC3 format and 27 hours in MP3 format with Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Encased in a slim and compact size measuring a mere 79mm in height and weighing only 25g, the light and portable Walkman E series can be slipped into any pocket for quick music on the go anywhere, anytime. With a selection of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB in flash memory, listeners can choose one that fits their requirements. Available in five different colours consisting of pink, blue, violet, black and green.

The new Sony USB Walkman MP3 E Series Player source

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15 Responses to “The new Sony USB Walkman MP3 E Series Player”
  1. segun says:

    my sony mp3 player as above has refuse to give me the required satisfacion i bougth it for, i tot a virus ,which i then scan and it wiped it off .afterwards i copied music into it but when i want it to play it keeps sayin NO DATA, pls wat is the problem

  2. Brit says:

    not sure but im looking up SonicStage Ver.4.3. it like window media player. so use that to put music on ur mp3.

  3. Caleb says:

    I just got my Sony Mp3 and I try Sync music in the player, after I’m Done it keeps saying No Data. Whats Going on? Help.

  4. alantae says:

    where can you buy one of these.

  5. Linus says:

    I have the same problem as Caleb, I put in the mp3 files but when I press play but uít says ”No Database”.

    Anyone knows what the problem is?

  6. Juanka says:

    yo tengo los mismos poroblemas q puedohacer?

  7. jorge valencia says:

    me gustaria saberdonde podria comprar suscargasas parapoder cambiarde colores lamentable mente yo soy deperu yno tengo facilidades detener esa facilidad

  8. Daren says:

    How can I format my mp3 player

  9. Pau says:


  10. Enrique says:

    My computer says that it can t read my usb and a message appear and said “Yes or no” and i clickes yes and it formated

  11. khan says:

    keep sayin no data

  12. caitlin xx says:

    how do you put the music on it??

  13. blasther says:

    Hello people! I had one of these gadgets I think is the best little thing that i had until lost it, but i want to buy another hope to find other like this I try to buy another one but they said that model had been exhausted in my country “Peru” So I bought another new sony model, but it’s not like I had so I miss that device, y x ultimo si alguien sabe como puedo conseguir uno igual aviseme, gracias, tks. “si estas en mi pais mejor”

  14. mp3guy says:

    hello..i have problem about my sony mp3, i dont know how to put the list in my sony mp3, if i have songs..coz when i put it in the computer plug usb, ther’s a usb connected and charging the battery..but when i look in my monitor..there is no mp3 usb or sony usb in my can i open it?

  15. Carlos says:

    Das ist eine shaiBe!!
    ahora ni siquiera puedo transferir la musica de mi computador a sonicStage! cada que lo intento se cierra el programa y esta es la unica forma para poder tranferir musica al aparato. Es lo que debe estar pasando a muchos aqui. es como el itunes del ipood, de otra forma no se puede escuchar musica en el disposistivo. Pero yo si estoy molesto con este dispositivo de Sony. No puedo transferir musica al programa!! y asi no podre escucharla! Hasta los pm3 bataros son mas eficientes.

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