Topless Sandals

January 17, 2006 by admin  
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By John,
Guest Blogger

Nothing could make you fast enough to wear and run right away with this Topless Sandal. No more strip to hang around your foot, just “stick and walk away”. Its best for swimmers too as wearing it can make you swim faster and nice to have a “ready” sandal when there is a romantic walk on the seaside.

Nice to wear but a little bit messy to leave it away from your foot.

Ed : Question is…Can it really stick to your feet.

Topless SandalsTopless Sandals uses an adhesive to stick to your feet, but the company that makes them claims the adhesive doesn’t leave any sticky stuff on your soles.
The adhesive lasts for about 1 year.

Topless Sandals | source

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9 Responses to “Topless Sandals”
  1. Davide C. says:

    I am blogger on gadgetblog, ad i have try the topless sandals.
    It’s not very good, here it’s possible see a video:

    Bye bye

  2. colbert low says:

    i know what you mean. i prefer the classic types

  3. Laura says:

    I think it would be like having gum stuck to your foot all the time. I guess you would get used to it, but why… ?

  4. Victoria says:

    After a minute with them on you just don’t notice them. It’s like they become part of your feet, like you just have thicker, tougher soles. I like them because my soles are really soft and I want them to stay that way. I would never just go barefoot, but with my topless sandals on I can enjoy the feeling of going barefoot while knowing that my soles are totaly protected. It looks like I are just going barefoot and my feet tan without any lines. I wear them all day and when I peal them off for bed my feet are clean and feel as soft and nice as ever. None of the adhesive sticks to my feet at all. You might want to peal them off under water the first time though, as the bond to your sole is quite strong and the water weakens it enough so you can peal them off easily.

  5. Mary says:

    Is it possible to walk everywhere in them?

    I mean, do you feel gravel through the soles or are they thick enough?



  6. Gary says:

    where can u buy them from as i want to try them for my self but can males wear them? as well. Gary

  7. d williams says:

    After months of waiting they are finaly out in the UK. Have a look at for more details. These are super Nakedsole.
    the Nude Topless Sticky Sandals in the UK

  8. Elissa Haley says:

    I love my topless sandals! I wear them everywhere….grocery shopping, walking my dog, camping, etc. Anywhere you would where flip flops but they are so much cooler! I got mine at They were fabulous and I got my sandals immediately. You gotta try them!!

  9. john says:

    I love my sandals and have had many great days out with them. They are easy to wear and lots of friends have bought them as well. Great presents as well.
    I bought the naked soles in 2007 and still use them now. Just bought another pair for this summer as well.

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