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Unlimited Budget + Free Time = 16 64GB SSDs Doing 2.23GB/s

July 31, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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What happens when you combine 16 64GB Intel X25-E SSDs into a RAID array managed by two Adaptec 5805 controller cards? Why, a storage setup that can write and read at sustained speeds of 2.23 GB/s. Yes, two point two-three gigabytes a second. With a total capacity of around a terabyte, you’re talking about being able to delete all data stored in less than 8 minutes.

Courtesy Tom's Hardware

Courtesy Tom's Hardware

The financially frivolous exercise (see prices below) was Tom’s Hardware US’s response to an email by Samsung’s PR agency, which apparently showcased a RAID array of 24 Samsung PB22-J flash SSDs achieving 2.12GB/s. Looks like Samsung needs to come out with something new!

Despite the unofficial 2.23GB/s throughput (read/write performance) record, the tech-heads at TH weren’t completely satisfied. With an average claimed speed of 200MB/s per individual drive, hooking up 16 X25-Es should’ve produced a throughput of 3.2GB/s. Ah, but despite applying “all optimizations”—including the use of two drive controller cards to overcome PCIe x8’s limitation of 2GB/s—sometimes the rest of a computer simply can’t keep up with an awesome setup.

Product Links and Prices:

  • Adaptec 2244300-R PCI Express SATA / SAS 5805 Controller Card – $519.99
  • Intel X25-E 64GB 2.5″ SSD – $669

Yes, ladies and gentlmen, Tom’s setup was worth $9,000!


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