Monday, October 12th, 2009

Valve Wants Gordon Freeman to Win Gamespot’s All Time Greatest Video Game Hero Contest

October 8, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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And why not? Gordon Freeman was the player character of the game (Half-Life) that put Valve on the map. If it weren’t for his success, Steam wouldn’t exist today. Valve’s aware of that, which is why they’re sending out the call to all Steam users. The screenshot:

Gordon-Freeman-VoteThe text:

ATTENTION, STEAM ARMY! We come to you today with a humble plea. We consider Steam to be the true home of Half-Life games, so we’re coming to you in hopes that you will help us make Half-Life’s hero, Gordon Freeman, the victor in an epic battle. Right now, Gamespot is running a vote to determine who is “The All-Time Greatest Game Hero”. Gordon is up against some stiff competition – right now from Link, and soon, Mario. Both of them are, of course, worthy and admirable foes. But think of Gordon! Do it for the citizens of Earth, who have all been saved by Gordon’s heroic actions! We know it’s been a while since Episode Two came out, but surely you haven’t forgotten!

Click here to vote! Together, we can do it!

Thank you!!

The actual message can be found here. My vote goes to Freeman, the silent protagonist who nevertheless is more awesome than Link of Zelda!

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