Victorinox Updates Offerings With SwissFlash

January 13, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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It apparently took them a while, but Victorinox—better known as the maker of Swiss Knives—recently featured the SwissFlash. Basically a pocket-sized gadget with traditional tools like a keyring and a blade, the SwissFlash also features a detachable 32GB flash drive, a laser pointer, and a Bluetooth remote for presentations.

A fitting high-tech combo, no doubt, which is why Victorinox decided to showcase this product during the recently-concluded CES 2009. Considering what you’ll get, the $330 price actually seems pretty reasonable. Check out the product page for more information and the list of variants.

(Photo and credit: Popgadget)

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2 Responses to “Victorinox Updates Offerings With SwissFlash”
  1. Luis Cruz says:

    I thought of getting one since I first found about them a few years ago. You see, I’m the type to carry around a multi-tool / pocket knife and flashlight with me wherever I go, and I love the idea of carrying fewer items in my pocket.

    Here’s the catch - since knives (probably even the knife included in that little gizmo) aren’t allowed on planes, you’re going to get a headache when you travel. You’re at the airport, and you’ve got your BT remote, flash drive, pointer, and whatnot on a little gadget that has a blade on it - it’s not allowed on the plane. Either you say goodbye to your gadget, or find a way to take the blades off your knife.

    I don’t like either option, so I’ll stick with blade-free electronics.

  2. pcmemoirs says:

    They should build one without the blade…

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