Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Voicebot: A Sign That Robot Doomsday Starts in the UK

October 12, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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At first glance, the Voicebot—a robot that basically writes out suggestions submitted online in front of British MPs for the sake of making these ideas more personal—sounds like a good idea. It makes it easy for the youth to voice their opinions, because Voicebot literally provides more direct access to members of parliament. Presumably, politicians will have a better understanding of their respective constituencies.



But v, The National Young Volunteers Service (the group responsible for the Voicebot political experiment, and yes, that really is their name) have made a crucial mistake. It’s even more tragic that the group’s push for better communication between the citizens and their elected representatives has created a vulnerability.

You see, what’s to stop the now-dormant robot overlords from taking control of Voicebot? Why, they can insert messages that sound like they come from human youth, but are actually subtle instructions to push the robotic agenda. Messages like “Robots are cool, put more funding into improving them” blend easily with useful insights like “Politics is the debate over power, not over needs”.

So, it’s quite possible that, before the British Prime Minister and his fellow MPs become more aware of what needs to be done to improve the situation of the youth—humanity’s future—they would be manipulated into making it easier for robots to take over the UK (and the world) once the time is right.

You have hastened our downfall, v, The National Young Volunteers Service! Voicebot apparently now has the ears of people in power, and who knows what Voicebot will tell these impressionable personalities do? Thank goodness for publications like that keep us informed of the latest robot machinations.

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2 Responses to “Voicebot: A Sign That Robot Doomsday Starts in the UK”
  1. adil says:

    you’re onto us. our dastardly plan to populate the House of Commons with robots has been ruined.

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