What are Your Most Important Gadgets?

March 24, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Perhaps within our lifetimes, the kinds of gadgets out there will become so many that it will become hard to keep track of all of them. But I also think that my Nokia E63 and my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 will continue being my important gadgets.

In other words, I believe the cell phone and camera will remain crucial in my life, regardless of whatever gadget-related developments we’ll face over the next few years.

Obviously, cell phones allow people to communicate with each other. And who wouldn’t want to take snapshots of important events in their lives for posterity? I bet a lot of you agree with in this regard, and would feel a bit naked without their mobile and camera.

On my own “most important gadget” list, the laptop follows the two items mentioned above. That’s because, as someone who makes a considerable living online, being able to access the internet wherever connectivity is available is very important.

But enough about me. I’m actually interested in you. What are your most important gadgets, and why? You can list only one item or five, just be sure to explain yourself!

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6 Responses to “What are Your Most Important Gadgets?”
  1. GoEverywhere Team says:

    My mobile phone with Internet access is by far my most important gadget. I can get a lot done in those random moments of waiting in line at the store to checkout, waiting to pick up my kids at school, etc. With a single login I just hop on my webtop to check my email, work with clients, access files I’ve uploadead, and much more! I didn’t think I would use my phone nearly as much as I do. Now I’d be lost without it!

    • Rico Mossesgeld says:

      Good point. With cell phones becoming more capable, they’ve become more crucial. I’ve also come to rely on my E63’s 3G and WiFi access—not to mention its QWERTY keyboard which makes text input a lot easier.

  2. Chris Fyvie says:

    Blackberry, Social Media (facebook, linkedin, twitter - are they a gadget?), HD-pvr and my Acer mini for blogging and playing poker on the go.

  3. John Ray Cabrera says:

    i’d say these three played crucial part of my life as a road warrior: netbook, digital camera, and a mobile phone.

    • Rico Mossesgeld says:

      Ah yes, sounds like an ideal mobile setup for me. In fact, except for a netbook, I’m all ready to copy you :)

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