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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

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Why I Bought the Nokia E63

December 12, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Yep, the Nokia E71 has enjoyed some coverage on The Gadget Blog, but ultimately, I decided to go for the Nokia E63.

From my two-week encounter with a review E71, I’ve determined that the 3.2 megapixel camera wasn’t really worth the count, and while built-in HSDPA capability is great, what’s the point if the coverage needed to maximize it is really lacking?

So the E63 is definitely a much more affordable brother of the E71, and budget pricing usually connotes limited functionality. But, you still have the same awesome keyboard, and a 3.5mm jack that supports standard earphones and headphones.

All for a significant drop in price, a downgrade to a 2.0 megapixel camera (ultimately irrelevant for dedicated camera owners), and 3 more millimeters of thickness. Worthy sacrifices in my opinion, considering the E63 features the same long-lasting battery of the E71, big-screen, and WiFi.

In short, that’s why today I bought a Nokia E63. Have you? Let me know why in the comments below.

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19 Responses to “Why I Bought the Nokia E63”
  1. Stefan Constantinescu says:

    Enjoy, personally I can’t live without GPS, but hey, that’s why there are two models for the many types of users :-)

    Have fun with your new winter gift.

  2. Oliver says:


    What are the uses for the GPS?

    That is the main thing I miss from the E63, otherwise, the 3.5 mm jack is a real plus for me.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I also considering buying e63.
    But I’m not clear with 3.5 mm jack ? what is that for?

    E63 does not supported by HDSPA, is it affect the speed of internet connectivity compared with e71?
    Means that e63 performs slower in browsing the internet compared with e71?

  4. Rico says:

    The 3.5mm jack Tiffany supports standard earphones and headphones; if you can plug it into an iPod, you can plug it into an E63.

    Yes, the E63 is slower than the E71 when it comes to surfing the internet over your cellular network (ask your service provider for help on how to do this). But both phones’ speed in WiFi is practically the same.

    Hope I’ve helped!

  5. Angel says:


    I bought my new E63 last week and I encountered problems on it. Sometimes it hangs up and I can’t open the menu.

    What should I do?

    • jarek (subscribed) says:


      seems that it’s an international problem – i’mfrom poland and have the same bug in my e63@ I have new firmware, fresh phone but this bug still occurs!!

  6. Guilh1 says:

    Yes I did buy one. I switch from iPhone 2G to this Nokia e63.
    I just love the keyboard.

    I must get used to symbian…(I find it very slow…)

    But good phone so far, and the missing features comparing to e71 are not such big deals to my point of view.

  7. Murali says:

    Just bought a Black E63. Its a great improvement over the earlier E 61 series. Just replace the Sh*tty Nokia earphones, with a decent one. The music quality has also improved vastly. With Nokia Messaging, its the best value for money IMHO.

  8. Kay says:

    I bought an E63, works great, faster than a Sony Ericsson phone, lots of apps. Comfortable QWERTY keyboard, awesome price and features.

  9. Ashwin (subscribed) says:

    The E63 Hangs, Thre are missing “C” and “J” in the notes and calender when we type notes, but seems to be a good phone. How to get rid of the problems is the mail issue

  10. sudheer says:

    i brought nokia E63 2months back after one it started not working properly like menu gets hangs venry frequently even though i have updated the software. i dont understand why is this problem getting frequently.
    This is a very very awsome piece i dont want to lose this can u just solve this please.


    • GeorgeB says:

      I have had the ‘menu won’t open’ problem on my E63 too. An easy way to solve it is to change the left softkey from menu to something else (I changed it to music player) It has something to do with a 2 second delay so you can block your keyboard. You can still acces your menu using the home key. It’s a real shame nokia didn’t solve this problem in a firmware update but maybe they will in the near future :] I hope this helps B)

  11. harish says:

    what does it cost in india now …..

  12. devil says:

    this phone is awesome.. wifi access is fast if you have a strong signal connection.. the only feedback is its lack of GPS access..


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