Why I Feel Like Throwing My Keyboard Down to the Floor and Stomping It

August 31, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Desktops, Peripherals

Either I’m being punished for scrimping on my keyboard or I got spoiled by my laptop. As I write this, I’m doing my best to stay cool and keep my anger down. For some reason, one typographical error accompanies every phrase I type, and I believe it that has a lot to do with my keyboard.

1177309_keyboard____2My desktop keyboard, a no-name afterthought that cost around $5, seems to lack the spring and responsiveness of my laptop keyboard. There’s nothing wrong with the keyboard, but there’s something awfully wrong with the feel of it. My fingers for some reason can’t go on automatic, and I end up tapping on the wrong area of the keyboard with disturbing frequency.

I’m convinced a better keyboard is called for. My irritation is primarily frustration with having to be more careful with my fingers; that means less focus on actual writing. I’ve put up with this keyboard long enough!

I’d better wrap up this post soon—my patience can’t take it any longer. In the meantime, what keyboard do you think I should get next time I go shopping? Does price really matter here?

Feel free to answer those questions by leaving a comment below. Mouse and keyboard combos are of course valid suggestions, and it would be great to have wired and wireless options. Tap furiously on your keyboards and answer away!

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4 Responses to “Why I Feel Like Throwing My Keyboard Down to the Floor and Stomping It”
  1. zelrick says:

    Price is not the difference, however since the old IBM clickety click keyboards are gone the best you can do is go try some out, I own a “rocket fish” model that is much like my older Mac Book Pro’s keyboard and its very usable, but my “Merc” gaming keyboard, while nice for games is horrible to type on.

  2. DHo says:

    I type 120wpm. I’ve owned every great keyboard in the last 20 years: Northgate, Gateway (MaxiSwich) anyKey, etc., etc. My current favorite is the Dell USB keyboard. It comes free with any system or sells for about $20. The touch is excellent and what’s unique is that rows are of different heights: ASDF is lower, QWER is higher, `123 is highest, ZXCV higher. Keys are curved towards your fingers. The USB Multimedia version adds volume controls, but I don’t think it’s available any more; the “USB Multimedia Pro” replaced it I tihink.

  3. JDoors says:

    My new came-with-the-system Dell keyboard has an annoying design boo-boo: It’s one of those boards that has no “border” around the keys, the board is just the size of the keys, no more. My palm winds up hitting the “Menu” key as I type. With my typing speed I sometimes wind up envoking that menu AND selecting an option before I realize what’s happening. Can’t tell you the number of times it’s wiped out entire paragraphs or caused other kinds of havoc. Stupid keyboard.

    Guess I gotta go shopping for another keyboard, or at least a wrist-rest.

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