Why PETA is Wrong About Dogs Getting Shot

March 25, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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So PETA finds animal cruelty in a video game. Yes, there are parts in Call of Duty: World at War where you have to shoot dogs to progress. Yet PETA’s complaint is a good example of the misunderstanding plaguing video games: the lack of understanding that video games are all about context. PETA sees dogs dying and immediately attacks Activision for animal cruelty.

From 0s and 1 s to the latest hardware-powered affairs, video games have always been about progressing, fulfilling a certain set of conditions to achieve objectives and ultimate victory. The best games turn this formula into a memorable and entertaining affair, while sucky ones make it feel like a chore.

Naturally, to keep players interested, video game producers must be creative to come up with new and engaging concepts. Grand Theft Auto may be a violent psychopath’s dream simulator, but for well-adjusted people—which I like to think are the majority of the human race—it’s just a game.

Yes, you kill people, rob their vehicles and run over prostitutes, but to a rational, game-playing mind, that’s just eliminating the competition, acquiring transportation, and cash attainment.

Personally, I know that I shouldn’t do those things in real life, and not just because the police will be all over me. I know that what happens in the game is perfectly virtual, while what happens in real life has real consequences—practical, moral, and perhaps even spiritual.

The people who attack video games for corrupting the youth and causing violent behavior seem unaware that games are ultimately problem-solving vehicles. You are presented with a goal, the tools to achieve it, and the system in which to work in. Being able to comprehend an objective, making full use of what’s at your disposal, and finding ways to work within your limitations are all very important life skills. Especially if you can understand the context within which you’re working in.

As for the dogs in Call of Duty: World at War, the situation is quite simple: either you kill the dogs, or they kill you. The game doesn’t make the dog’s death optional. These dogs are cute and innocent things lined up for your minigun. They are attack dogs out for your blood.

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5 Responses to “Why PETA is Wrong About Dogs Getting Shot”
  1. Scott Wharton says:

    I can agree with you to an extent on the GTA subject. The problem is mainly that parents should not let their kids be introduced to some of the content of these games at young ages and when they do let them play them, they need to explain to them that they can not emulate what they see in games and teach them that violence has grand consequences and I don’t think parents are doing that enough. People like to find scapegoats for the lack of better excuses but I wouldn’t blame movie or game violence for the shortcomings of good leadership through parenthood.

    As far as Peta goes, they have obviously run out of things to bitch about. Have they played the Cabela’s Big Game hunt lately? I hated the dogs in Call Of Duty 4 and it’s not like you were just picking them off for Sh*ts and giggles, they were attacking. In real life if a dog was attacking me and I had a gun in my hand, I would put him down before he had a chance. I say lets unleash some attack dogs on Peta and see how they react. Maybe then they will understand the concept of self defense.

    • Rico Mossesgeld says:

      Great point about good parenting Scott. A lot of those who attack video games seem to forget that, at some point, personal responsibility also plays a part.

  2. Sly says:

    “…These dogs are cute and innocent things lined up for your minigun. They are attack dogs out for your blood.”

    I assume you meant “aren’t” . Though a poodle-minigun game might be fun for a minute or two…

    Also, it’s funny that they’re attacking this game for having dogs that must be killed when they didn’t noticed it in the previous release… there were dogs to be killed in cod4:mw as well. Heck, I think the original wolfenstein game had dogs in it, too.

    • Rico Mossesgeld says:

      Well maybe what Scott said is right, and that PETA’s tooting its own horn again.

      And yep, I meant “aren’t”. Sorry for the typo.

  3. Jeanne Dupuis says:

    Thank you for writing this (and linking back), Rico! I wanted to be a lot more harsh but I wanted to remain objective. That protest is ridiculous. Honestly, I don’t understand where they get this crap sometimes.

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