Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Would You Pay $25 for a 15-foot HDMI Cable?

A recent email from Optimized Cable Company founder David French boasts about the company’s prices and customer service. But when it comes to HDMI cables, customer service isn’t really applicable for a relatively knowledgeable guy like me, except for order follow-ups and defective item returns. So the real question is about OCC’s prices: would you pay $25 for a 15-foot HDMI cable?

Courtesy Optimized Cable Company

Courtesy Optimized Cable Company

To be sure, 15 feet should be enough for any home theater/computer setup. That length allows enough slack to twist, tuck and fasten for maximum neatness. Go to NewEgg however and you’ll find 6-foot cables that go for around $5. The cost of shipping may actually be more expensive than the product itself. Searching for 25 foot HDMI cables returns listings going for as low as $20.

These pricing realities leave me unconvinced about OCC’s usefulness. Perhaps the company’s special gold-plated cables do last longer and cause less signal interference. Unfortunately though, most customers just want to connect their PS3s to their HDTVs—at the lowest price possible.

Maybe OCC should make a compelling case that spending a bit more (or in some cases, a lot more) will bring long-lasting quality? Detailed longevity evidence on the company website would pique my interest, because I’d rather pay more for a reliable HDMI cable that lasts for years.

OCC’s wide array of home entertainment cables and adapters looks appealing, because the latter covers practically any port x to port y scenario. Those DisplayPort options are probably interesting for Mac users. In the meantime though, I’d rather pay $20 for a 25-foot HDMI cable. What about you?

Optimized Cable Company website:

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One Response to “Would You Pay $25 for a 15-foot HDMI Cable?”
  1. David French says:

    Great Post! I happen to know that these cables have never had an issue lasting. However if there is any issue, Optimized Cable Company has a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is ship the cable back and a new one will be sent to you free of charge. Given I may be a bit biased on this issue =)

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