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Xbox 360 Gets A Mouse and Keyboard

December 7, 2006 by admin  
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If you love your Xbox 360, but just can’t face not having your trusty mouse and keyboard at hand, incase things go real bad, then the XFPS360 is for you. Fusing PC gaming with the best of the Xbox 360, XCM is “bringing old school PC gaming to your living room”. Simply plug-in the dinky adapter into one of your Xbox 360’s USB ports, and it’ll let you connect either more USB devices or a PS/2 gadget. Of course hardcore gamers will much prefer a keypad and pointer to a heavenly, ergonomically shaped controller, but then again, who’s to stop them? There’s a hell of alot of pictures for you to drool over in the mean-time. Enjoy! News and photos from Techzi.

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23 Responses to “Xbox 360 Gets A Mouse and Keyboard”
  1. rooter says:

    This doesn’t do anything but add more ports. You can already plug a mouse and a keyboard into your 360. It doesn’t matter because the games don’t support mouse and keyboard controls anyway.

  2. Ubiquitous says:


    It emulates a controler and forwards on the keyboard and mouse input.

    When i used one for the xbox however i found that the analog stick interface was not fast enough to make having a mouse worth while , it was more annoying then using a controler as you would have to “scroll” the mouse multiple times to get across the screen.

    They might have better software/hardware now tho that can adjust the sensetivity more.

    I plan on trying one for Halo 3 soon, i cant seem to even come close to how good i can be with keyboard mouse when using a controler.

  3. Serberas says:

    Yeah, but is having a little bit of mouse and keyboard support worth the $99.99 that sucker will cost you? It’s one thing to think you’re getting an edge in the game, but good lord that’s a pocketbook dent.

  4. kenny jones says:

    just let me know when its ready price i dont care if it works
    i am one of the top pc players and keyboard & mouse would make my day

  5. Lord>>Aegis says:

    Give me this set up and I’ll pwn on the 360. I’m a die hard Halo for pc player on Lord clan. Any Halo player know who we are !!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these

  6. adsf says:

    I bought the XFPS Sniper 3.0 a couple of weeks ago and returned it within a day of getting it. The deadzone issue really isn’t fixed at all and the sensitivity has to be turned way down to even use the damn thing.

    Save your $100 and buy something else.

  7. FoSTeX says:

    Yep… bought one myself for Halo 3… regardless of sensitivity tweaking it sucks. Nowhere near the movement you’ll get on a PC with a mouse. Save your money PLEASE!

  8. Kamikaze says:

    lol, PÕQ will own u on pc aegis, don’t even start talking shit.

  9. Josh says:

    “This doesn’t do anything but add more ports. You can already plug a mouse and a keyboard into your 360. It doesn’t matter because the games don’t support mouse and keyboard controls anyway.”

    That is one dumb dude…

  10. IkillClowns says:

    Xbox 360 is created by Microsoft, the same people who gave us Windows (insert version here) for our PCs.
    Xbox 360 has two USB ports at the front.
    Most keyboards and mice use USB connections.
    A good few games on the 360 are first person shooters.
    Keyboard and mouse setups are pretty much the best option for first person shooters.
    You would therefore think that making a keyboard/mouse setup through the USB ports, which are already on the console, a pretty obvious choice

  11. Lacheex says:

    Yup I agree with ikillclowns, the lack of a mouse and keyboard completely turns me off of console gaming. First person shooters are meant to be immersive and played with a reaction time equivalent to turning your head. Console controllers are more like driving a tank around. The fact that Microsoft cant even add support for their console completely baffles me. Console game systems could completely displace PC gaming with the addition of some sort of quicker, more accurate controller. I remember when console gaming was in the early stages of online play. They debated allowing xbox gamers the ability to play pc gamers online, then decided that it just wouldnt be fun for console gamers because they’d get completely pwned by the mouse.

  12. Fishwish says:

    I would buy a 360 today if I knew I could use my keyboard and mouse why they have not brought out this facility is beyond me pretty stupid of microsoft really dont you think.

  13. Adam says:

    Microsoft wants to double dip; thats why they r very hessitant about really doing a good job w/ the keyboard and mouse on xbox.

    Think about it…You have PC gamers who buy Windows Vista just to play the newest and best PC games. You then have console players, who don’t like to screw with computers who are also buying micrsoft products (xbox 360)

    You give the PC gamers a mouse and a keyboard, they may not wana buy newer, more expensive microsoft products.

    Just my $.02

  14. MTalonFX says:

    Adam is absolutely correct. If they are smart, Microsucks will never enable KB/mouse capability on a console. They don’t want their consoles to directly compete with their computers. It’s one of the reasons that you will never be able to surf the ‘Net, for instance, on one. If your Xbox does everything you computer does, you won’t need your computer.

    Some thing with the games. MOST of the really big games will almost always be on both, but there will always a few that you can only play on a console or on a PC. There will always be features on the console version that you won’t get on the PC version, and vice versa.

    In the end, they have to find as many ways as they can to squeeze us for more $$. It’s all about the bottom line.

  15. Zombie says:

    Adam took the words out of my mouth….

    …controller sux

  16. PhA3Dr^S says:

    I was top on leader boards for Q4 and Q3 back in the day (TEAM DBR if you know Quake you know us) I’d love to see a mouse keyboard combo for the Xbox 360, because the speed and accuracy would be nuts. I would own half those 4 stars Generals out there, they’d be getting nuts to da face all game long. Making it rain all day on those snot nose little 14 year olds out there on Xbox’s lol.

  17. Richard says:

    I am a Tiger Woods golf gamer on the PC. I just got xbox 360 because there is no TW 2009 for PC. I cannot stand the xbox version because of the controller. I will get the adapter that allows keyboard and mouse for xbox. Maybe unfair but I will enjoy the game again.

  18. Paradox says:

    Well, first off alot of you have a very wrong idea on this. Your first arguement is that Xbox would be competing with a pc… fail. Xbox has games that arent available on PC like halo 3. The halo series is one of Xbox’s best selling games ever. Now to look as some other things, Price whats the price for Vista? 89.99 ( Yea thats home basic but thats all you need to play any vista based game on the market… thats a dumb statement because I don’t know of any Vista only games… but anyway now lets look at the price of the console, ok after a quick search its the average is 200 bucks. So what does that tell us? That buying a xbox and using it to do what ever you want is still cheaper than a PC. Xbox is a windows driven plateform. The only problem I see with using any windows app is hardware support. If you hack a 360 like you could with the original xbox you would be able to run ANY windows app on a xbox now with that babble being said. The reason they haven’t add kb/mouse support to xbox is the demand. If you search google as I did to find this blog there really is only 1 gadget available to use a keyboard and mouse on the xbox. If every kiddie wanted one there would be 20’s of different makers of the same product because there would be a demand for it. you kids really need to think about what your saying. You all think that microsoft is a money hungry company. Well it is but so is the local coffee shop, but because microsoft sells to every country and Not one person on the face of this earth doesnt know microsoft, the fact that they get paid for it doesnt matter to you people all you care about is how they didnt offer what ever gizmo you want supported. Next time read b4 you jump and shout about microsoft being a asshole company.

  19. Paradox says:

    ok, it’s really early for me and i made a bit of a mistake. Using a xbox for what ever you want form a microsoft standpoint is, its cheaper to use a pc (if you already have the hardware) for lets say vista than it is to purchase a xbox the game and any extras you may need or want

  20. Hundy says:

    So has anyone bought one of these and is satisfied?

    Trawling around the net seems only to reveal unhappy gamers feeling ripped off with the product, and the odd glowing review I suspect from the manufacturers masquerading as gamers. I’ve been looking at xfps on and off for 2 or 3 years now, and I can’t fathom how if the product does not work properly, then how do they stay in business? With each new iteration they still appear not to have sorted deadzone issues and created a realistic simulation of using a keyboard and mouse. I would have thought with all the negative reviews they would have sunk ages ago. If anyone is genuinely pleased with this then let me know.

  21. George says:

    Being 60 and a PC Online gamer, I just can’t seem to wrap my hands that controler. But I would buy an Xbox 360 if I could use my mouse and keyboard.

  22. john says:

    I’ve been a fps gamer for 12 years now, ever since the quake 1 days. I’ve never considered buying a console because of the controllers. But as my rig is getting older again I would much prefer spending a third/quarter on an xbox 360 than the full amount on cpu/mobo/gpu/ram/psu and the rest of the stuff that keeps getting newer.

    I’ve tried Medal of Honor Heroes on my psp but these games are impossible to enjoy without a mouse.

    Perhaps the demand is low, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be that hard to implement…if just for gimmick sake.

  23. Seven says:

    Actually for anyone out there who knows the XFPS sucks, thats why people have created the XIM, and XIM2 chips which basically emulate each game differently offering unnoticable latency and making games like halo 3 playable with a mouse and keyboard. Google it or look for videos on youtube, building one costs 15 bucks and just requires u to have a wired controller. Its much more worth it than the XFPS and all their subsequent models.

    Good day

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