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Saturday, October 30, 2010 - 10:59 pm ET

"Rally to Restore Sanity" Attendance

According to various sources, over 200,000 attended Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” on Saturday. Of course, comparisons are being made to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally, which took place in August.

Rally to Restore Sanity

However the calculations and comparisons vary tremendously depending on who you ask. CBS News estimates 215,000 attended the “Rally to Restore Sanity” and only 87,000 to Beck’s rally. If you remember, others were estimating the “Restoring Honor” rally had over a million people, and still others said it was between 300,000 and 500,000.

From pictures and video, it does seem like Saturday’s rally had more people in attendance than Beck’s. But since there’s not an exact turnstile count for every person there, we’ll never really know. And does it really matter? It shouldn’t be all about the numbers. What we do know is that a lot of people were at each event.

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  1. By kelamity
    47 days ago

    The thing to keep in mind when observing the territory occupied by the Beck rally is that they had the reflecting pool taking up a lot of space. The Sanity rally was shoulder to shoulder for blocks on end… barely room to walk or move — on the grounds or the side streets… it was fantastic!


    • By Victor J
      46 days ago

      yes, it absolutely was amazing!

  2. By Marbran
    46 days ago

    It’s easy yet somewhat unfair to compare crowd sizes of the Sanity rally with the Honor rally. The Sanity rally was intentionally developed to be an entertainment event, with big name entertainers, while the Honor rally was intended to be more personal and family/life oriented. I think the Sanity rally had many more people from looking at the photos, but a free concert/comedy show is expected to draw larger crowds. Don’t forget that many attended both events. The real impact will be felt on 2 Nov.


  3. By spence
    46 days ago

    And just what did the rally accomplish besides providing some entertainment for folks on a boring weekend??


  4. By mike
    45 days ago

    I did not go to the rally to restore sanity to see a concert and niether did 90 percent of the people there. We went to show the world that america still has reasonable people in it and not everyone has been brainwashed by that idiot on fox news. This country will continue to fail as long as people get their news from fox or cnn or any other news that is pushing an agenda, at least with john stewart the only agenda is the truth, and the only reason its comical is well because look at our gov. and tell me its not comical what is going on.


  5. By Claw
    27 days ago

    it just shows how many losers there are with nothing better to do


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