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Thursday, December 13, 2007 - 9:08 pm ET

Wrigley's 5 Gum Branding Confusion

wrigley-5-gum.jpgWrigley launched a new product called 5 Gum and The Die Line posted some pictures of the packaging, which is very cool except for one thing.  The target audience for Wrigley’s 5 Gum is teenagers. 

What do you think?  Does this packaging evoke a brand image for teenagers?  I say no.wrigley-5-gum-packages.jpg

This packaging doesn’t look even remotely targeted to teens in my opinion.  The black box and graphics seem as if they would appeal to a much older audience.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the graphics are great, and I’m sure the packaging stands out on the store shelf, but does it stand out to the right audience? 

I guess only time will tell if teenagers start carrying 5 Gum around with them.  What do you think?  Did Wrigley miss the mark with this package?  Actually, I think they’ll have success in catching consumers’ awareness and getting them to try this gum even if the people who try it skew older than teens.  It might just catch on for an older market if it tastes better than Wrigley’s other gums that lose their flavor instantaneously and have a tendency to disintigrate in your mouth within 5 minutes of chewing.

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  1. By BuzzWoof
    1100 days ago

    From a European angle, I can confirm that this packaging probably would appeal to teenagers.

    In fact it’s spot-on. Black and inverse-cool is cool.


  2. By Prescott Perez-Fox
    1099 days ago

    The packaging is brilliant, but it’s a shame to be wasted on a gum pack! The trouble with teens is that they don’t share — there consumer behaviour is very self-motivated, they like what they like, and while they may have disposable income, they aren’t terribly generous even to their close friends. Just think of the phrase “get your own, yo”. Also, since gum isn’t permitted in most classrooms and schools, these packs must remain hidden and stashed away for the weekend, which is a real shame.

    I think it would be awesome if the pack were ‘disguised’ to look like something everyday teenagers would use — notebook or graph paper, a marble composition book, a calculator, or even an iPod! Then you could just leave em in plain site on your test and stupid teacher would never know the difference.

    A final note, the packages all look very masculine so I wonder how they’ll appeal to girls who general chew more gum than fellas.


  3. By chad
    1095 days ago

    Hi Susan,
    It’s interesting that your are blogging about this gum, cause when I first saw a magazine ad for it, I was confused and thought it was actually a pack of cigarettes. I wonder if that was the intention?


  4. By MyOpinion
    1092 days ago

    They should have written “6″ on it and put condoms in rather than chewing gums


  5. By CFord
    1072 days ago

    True irony, since it was targeted to teens, but this is the only gum I’ve found that doesn’t stick to my “flipper” (false teeth).


  6. By Susan Gunelius
    1072 days ago

    CFord, thanks for making me laugh! You’re right. There is definitely another demographic for this new gum!


  7. By Lily
    1032 days ago

    Actually, the gum really does appeal to teens, both girls and boys.
    Each year there seems to be some new “trend” in everything at the school I go to for everything.
    From the guy, the girl, the bag, the shoes, etc. etc.
    Even the “popular” gum.
    It’s 5.
    Everyone seems to have this gum now.
    The packaging is really cool, and the gum lasts for a while!


  8. By julez
    1023 days ago

    I tried this gum and its very good and long lasting.It doesint last only 5 minutes it took me 30 minutes before the flavour stoped lasting.I like it a lot and even if it didint relly appeal teens its still good gum that any body can chew. And so what if its not appealing dor teens.Nobody cares.


  9. By briana
    1012 days ago

    this gum is amazing !


  10. By johnr
    981 days ago

    have you tried the new elixer and lush


  11. By alyssa timberlake
    977 days ago

    omg i love 5 gum! and justin timberlake is so frekin hott!


  12. By Scott Feldman
    972 days ago

    Can I contact you to discuss this packaging off-line?
    Please let me know
    Thank you


  13. By Susan Gunelius
    972 days ago

    Scott, Feel free to contact me. You can email me using the link near the top of the sidebar on the right.


  14. By vantasia
    957 days ago

    what r ur nutritional facts on ur gum


  15. By WBHS Demon
    955 days ago

    I personally love 5 gum. I found the packaging great, and the design amazing. I carry a pack whenever I have one, especially to school. I’m a sophomore and there aren’t many things that keep me awake in school which is why I need this gum. If it weren’t for 5 gum, my grades would be horrible, and I would constantly get detentions. by the way Prezcott, I do share. The gum last long enough for me to give some to my friends and even some to people I don’t know. Wrigley definitely hit it right on the head with this gum.


  16. By Keri
    952 days ago

    As a teenager I can say that this gum does in fact appeal to the teenage demographic. It’s the sleek design and choice of colors that make it so eye catching.


  17. By Montana
    939 days ago

    Dear 5 gum company
    have you ever thought of making a new kind of 5 gum?BECAUSE I have thought of a new kind of 5 gum you guys should make.The flavor is Lime.


  18. By Montana
    939 days ago

    Dear 5 gum company i have come with a new idea flavor called lemon.


  19. By sean
    906 days ago

    i just tried the new 5 gum flavors they very good get them and try them i think that they are very exciting flavors and also am allowed to chew gum at my school=]


  20. By colin
    904 days ago

    hey i’ve been trying to figure out how to find the elixer and lush flavors, are they real, or even out yet?


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